US & Canada

Impeachment hearings spur Trump campaign fundraising

How the Trump campaign is turning political troubles into fundraising gold.

Middle East

Sudan June crackdown: Claims of crimes against humanity

Human Rights Watch finds security forces' attacks against Sudanese protesters could amount to crimes against humanity.

US & Canada

US impeachment inquiry: More witnesses to testify on Trump

Televised hearings enter second week, with more witnesses due to give evidence on Trump's handling of Ukraine affair.


France protests: One year on, 'yellow vest' movement loses steam

A year ago, yellow vest protesters took to Paris's streets over inequality, demanding President Macron step down.

Latin America

Bolivia unrest: Funerals for protest victims in Morales bastion

One of Morales' strongholds is the city of Sacaba, where nine people died on Friday after security forces fired on protesters.

US & Canada

Colin Kaepernick refuses to attend NFL tryout session

The controversial quarterback says he is ready to play anywhere despite refusing to attend a tryout session organised by the NFL in Atlanta.