Honduras poll crisis deepens with no declared winner

With no declared winner two weeks after election, Opposition Alliance's Nasralla asks for vote count to be nullified.

Honduras opposition requests election results annulment


Macron calls on Netanyahu to end settlement building

French President Emmanuel Macron says he disapproves of the decision by the US to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

US Jerusalem move dominates Macron-Netanyahu talks


Israeli crackdown brings protests in Jerusalem to standstill

Israeli authorities have carried out extensive ID checks and cracked down on any use of the Palestinian flag.

Syria's Civil War

UN urges prompt evacuation of scores of Syrian children

UNICEF calls for 137 sick Syrian children to be immediately evacuated from Eastern Ghouta.

UN urges immediate evacuation of 137 Syrian children


From Syria to Indonesia: Protests over Jerusalem spread

Anger about the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital is escalating, with protests in several major cities around the world.


Palestinian Christians: 'Jerusalem is for the three religions'

Palestinian Christians have expressed their frustration with Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


UK: First snow of the year reaches London

Heavy snow, freezing fog and gale force winds in the UK – luckily not all in the same place.

UK: First snow of the year reaches London


Zimbabwe: Victims of mass 1980s killings still wait for justice

The new president, Emerson Mnangagwa, and former military chiefs appointed to his cabinet are implicated in the events.

Asia Pacific

Survivor of Hiroshima atomic bomb attack speaks out

Hiroshi Harada was six years old when the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, in Japan. It was the first and only time that nuclear weapons have been used in war.

South Sudan

South Sudan: Widows of war turn to beauty salon for survival

They are among the thousands who are the sole breadwinners, after their husbands were killed during the country's devastating four-year conflict.


How will US Jerusalem move affect Israel's far right?

Analysts fear Trump's rubber-stamping of the right's political goals will further radicalise both sides of the divide.

How will US Jerusalem move affect Israel's far right?


Stories from the first Intifada: 'They broke my bones'

Three Palestinians who lived through the first uprising from 1987-1993 share their experiences.

Stories from the first Intifada: 'They broke my bones'