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In a special episode of The Listening Post, three Al Jazeera journalists reflect on life throughout this genocide.

Published On 6 Apr 2024
Video Duration 25 minutes 20 seconds

What’s the US’s issue with TikTok? Is it data security, secret Chinese influence or pro-Palestinian content?

Published On 23 Mar 2024
Video Duration 24 minutes 46 seconds

Violent repression in the West Bank is making a bad situation unbearable.

Published On 16 Mar 2024
Video Duration 24 minutes 01 seconds

Pakistan’s election does not go the way the country’s powerful military intended – despite their media meddling.

Published On 10 Feb 2024
Video Duration 24 minutes 09 seconds

Israeli intelligence accuses a UN refugee agency of collusion with Hamas – and the media take it at face value.

Published On 3 Feb 2024
Video Duration 23 minutes 45 seconds