The Brief: Hamas-Fatah deal, Catalan result, Rohingya

Rival Palestinian groups to meet, Catalans vote Yes, Rohingya mourn boat victims, film explores Pakistan land disputes.

    A still from Sarmad Masud film My Pure Land, a feminist western about a land dispute in Pakistan [Courtesy: Sarmad Masud]
    A still from Sarmad Masud film My Pure Land, a feminist western about a land dispute in Pakistan [Courtesy: Sarmad Masud]

    Here are the stories you shouldn't miss, plus the ones you should keep an eye on for Monday:

    Don't miss:

    • We start in the United States. There has been a deadly shooting at the Las Vegas Strip. Read more here.
    • In Europe, after a day of heavy clashes between protesters and police, the results of the Catalan referendum suggest a "Yes" vote for independence. Catch up on all of our Catalonia explainers, news, features and analysis here.
    • In Canada, Jagmeet Singh has won the race to become the leader of the New Democratic Party. Elected with 53.6 percent of the vote, the 38-year-old is focused on electoral reform, reconciliation with indigenous peoples and tackling climate change. He also wants to scrap the controversial practice of "carding". Read more about that here.
    • And speaking to us from London, Sarmad Masud - the British director of a groundbreaking feminist western shot in Pakistan who has been selected to run in the Oscar race - talks to us about the concept of honour, the true story behind his film "My Pure Land" and experiences as the child of Pakistani immigrants.

    Looking ahead:

    • To the Middle East, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah will travel to Gaza as part of a fresh push to end a decade-long split between Fatah and Hamas. Is the rapprochement a win-win deal? We analyse the developments.
    • In Europe, France is reeling from a deadly attack in Marseille in which two people were killed. Why is the state of emergency unable to provide security? We speak to the experts. 
    • And our reporter in Bangladesh meets the victims of a boat tragedy. Last week, scores of Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar drowned when their vessel capsized.

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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