Women-only 'pink taxis' to be rolled out in Pakistan

New service aims to protect female customers from harassment, but some believe it's not a budget-friendly initiative.


India, Pakistan hold talks on Indus water dispute

A two-day meeting in the Pakistani city of Lahore is under way to help resolve a water dispute between India and Pakistan. The neighbours are bound by a decades-old accord to share resources along the Indus River.


The politics of water insecurity

To achieve universal water security, we need to let politics and culture drive water planning as much as economy does.

by Majed Akhter


Pakistan PM orders reopening of Afghanistan border

Pakistan has decided to reopen its crossing with Afghanistan as a 'goodwill gesture'.

The Listening Post

Pakistan's GEO TV and ARY News face off

As their legal battle ends, it is time for Geo TV and ARY News to reflect on the future of news in Pakistan.

The Listening Post

Referendum in Turkey, breaking news in Europe

Could President Erdogan's narrative of a Europe at battle with Turkey sway voters in advance of April's vote?


Pakistan asks Facebook for help to fight blasphemy

Pakistanis turn to social media network for help in investigating "blasphemous content" on the platform.


Pakistani soldiers killed in attack in tribal area

Pakistani Taliban faction says it carried out attack on border post as suicide attack is 'foiled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa'.


'You don't kill over a million people without passion'

Pakistani novelist Mohammed Hanif talks about shrinking freedoms, liberal voices and human rights in Balochistan.


Pakistan to include transgender people in new census

Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world with around 200 million people. For the first time in 20 years, a new census will include transgender people to give a more accurate picture of its population.


Pakistan PM orders ban on 'blasphemous content' online

Pakistan's PM orders blocking of all social media content deemed blasphemous to Islam and for prosecution of suspects.

101 East

Pakistan: Killing For Honour

101 East investigates the fate of four young girls in Pakistan, where honour killings are endemic.


Pakistan temporarily reopens border with Afghanistan

Torkham and Chaman crossings reopened for 48 hours to allow stranded visitors in both countries to return home.

War & Conflict

Clashes on Pakistan-Afghanistan border kill 15

Ten fighters and five soldiers dead after border posts targeted in attacks claimed by a faction of Pakistani Taliban.

Human Rights

Pakistan approves landmark reforms for tribal areas

Five-year plan merges restive tribal areas with key province, extending basic rights to citizens for first time ever.