Human Rights

Concern over fate of missing Pakistani activists

Sources confirm four men, all known for liberal secularist views on social media, disappeared in the span of a week.


Pakistan law allowing military 'terror' courts expires

The controversial tribunals were set up in the wake of the 2014 Peshawar school attack that left scores of pupils dead.


Pakistan's War: On the Frontline

A look back at Rageh Omaar's journey into the tribal heartlands to investigate Pakistan's role in the "war on terror".


Christmas message leads to death threats in Pakistan

Son of a former governor killed for supporting blasphemy law reforms threatened after solidarity messages with victims.

Humanitarian crises

Tharparkar: The history and culture amid catastrophe

Away from the misery, the region boasts a rich cultural and religious heritage.


Toxic liquor kills 42 after Christmas parties in Punjab

More than 150 people. mostly Christians, taken to clinics in eastern Pakistan.


Afghanistan upset over exclusion from security talks

Russia, China and Pakistan meet in Moscow to discuss "growing ISIL threat" in Afghanistan - the third in a series.


Pakistan's electronic media ethics under scrutiny

After PIA plane crash, broadcast media is accused of encouraging sensationalism for ratings instead of good reporting.

Women's Rights

The solitude of female politicians in South Asia

To deflect the sexist charge of being barren viragos, female politicians in the region have to deny their sexuality.

by Mukul Kesavan

Human Rights

Bigotry against Ahmadis, a constant in Pakistan

It is an established truth that Pakistan is not good to its citizens who do not practise mainstream faith.

by Rabia Mehmood


Pakistani cinemas end ban on Bollywood films

Cinema owners to allow screenings of Indian films again, months after ban was imposed during Kashmir tensions.

Humanitarian crises

One dead in 'Indian shelling' on school van in Kashmir

Pakistan says firing on school van across the Line of Control left the driver dead and at least eight children wounded.


Afghan returnee girls at risk of early marriage: report

Survey by Save the Children indicates Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan are also vulnerable to forced labour.

Cyber Security

Cyber harassment in Pakistan

The Stream takes a look at online harassment in Pakistan and how women are fighting back.


Tragedies that expose Pakistan's faultlines

As polarisation deepens in Pakistan, national tragedies attract both cheers and mourning.

by Abbas Nasir