Middle East

Explosion hits near Damascus International Airport

Large explosion followed by fire hits area of Syria's main airport and Mezze army base, witnesses and monitor say.

Middle East

Turkey suspends 9,000 police officers for 'Gulen links'

Suspension follows arrests targeting alleged network of US-based cleric blamed by Turkey for failed coup attempt.

Middle East

Syrians leave rebel stronghold Al Waer under evacuation deal

Thousands more Syrians have been evacuated from Al Waer district, the last opposition-held area in the city of Homs. The evacuation is part of an agreement between the Syrian government and rebels to move people from besieged areas.

Middle East

Sudan Airways seeks to revamp fleet

The US is set to lift sanctions against Sudan, which were imposed more than 20 years ago.

Middle East

France: Assad government behind chemical attack

French foreign minister says chemical analysis of samples from Khan Sheikhoun 'bears signature' of Syria government.

Al Jazeera World

Return to Arms: Hadaka

A rare and exclusive insight into an Iranian Kurdish political party and paramilitary group in exile in northern Iraq.

Syria's Civil War

Syria's war explained from the beginning

The Syrian civil war is the deadliest conflict the 21st century has witnessed so far.

Middle East

A cry for help: Millions facing famine in Yemen

UN says $1bn pledged by donor states amounts to half of amount needed to combat 'world's largest hunger crisis'.

Middle East

Turkish raids target Kurdish groups in Iraq and Syria

At least 70 killed in Iraq and Syria, Turkish officials say, in blow against Kurdish forces battling ISIL in the region.

Inside Story

Are governments finding new ways to suppress the media?

The Committee to Protect Journalists says 259 journalists were imprisoned around the world last year.

Middle East

US officials in Afghanistan suggest Russia arms Taliban

Top US military officials allude to increasing concerns over Moscow's role in Afghanistan.

Middle East

Turkish court declines to hear referendum appeal

Opposition fails in bid to challenge electoral board's decision to accept referendum ballots without official stamps.

Middle East

Air strikes kill civilians fleeing Syria's Raqqa

At least 11 people killed while fleeing fighting between US-backed forces and ISIL in Tabqa, witnesses and monitor say.

Middle East

Hunger striking Palestinian leader's 'health declining'

Palestinian leader refuses medical treatment after joining hunger strike with 1,100 other prisoners in Israel, NGO says.

Syria's Civil War

Syria gas attack: 'people scared to be the next victim'

Survivors and aid workers share their stories of horror and shock after suspected chemical attack in Syria.