In Cairo, Abbas under pressure over succession plan

Egypt applied severe pressure on Palestinian president to end internal division and resume Palestinian-Israeli talks.

Humanitarian crises

Libya instability behind increase in sea migrants

Libyan prime minister asked for rescue and emergency equipment to curb illegal migration across its border into Europe.

Middle East

Why chlorine gas was used in Syria's civil war

Syria's chlorine problem: the human toll of chlorine attacks in six years of civil war.

Middle East

Syrian rebels gain ground in Hama province

Rebel fighters in Syria have opened a new frontline in Hama province where they have taken over several villages. This follows Sunday's surprise rebel assault on the capital Damascus.

United States

US to focus on 'elimination' of ISIL by military force

First meeting of international coalition since Trump's election held in Washington on the way forward in defeating ISIL.


Turkey protests against Norway giving officers asylum

Ambassador to Ankara summoned after Norway grants political asylum to Turkish officers allegedly linked to failed coup.

Middle East

Trump administration hosts first anti-ISIL meeting

US hosts meeting of 68 countries working to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Middle East

'Coalition air raid kills 33' at Syria refugee shelter

Activists say a suspected US-led coalition air raid struck a school sheltering displaced people near ISIL-held Raqqa.

Middle East

Kurdish family demands justice in Turkey's Diyarbakir

One Kurdish family is speaking out more than a year after their daughter was allegedly killed by Turkish sniper fire.


US senator McCain warns of 'tough decisions' on Kurds

Senior senator says Turkey watching as decision must be made on arming Kurdish fighters in the coming battle for Raqqa.

Syria's Civil War

Syria's green buses: Symbol of a seismic shift

Less dramatic than the barrel bombs and less celebrated than the White Helmets but Syria’s green buses are still iconic.

by James Denselow


Jesus's tomb restored after months of delicate work

Inauguration ceremony of newly renovated shrine marks the completion of a nine-month project.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel's human rights spies: Manipulating the discourse

Revelations about Israel's infiltration of NGOs in the 1970s shocked many, but human rights 'spies' are still out there.

by Neve Gordon
- Nicola Perugini


Israel: 2016 killing of Hezbollah commander inside job

Israel's military chief claims Hezbollah military commander in Syria was killed by members of his own group.

Middle East

Britain follows US in electronics ban on flights

UK authorities to prohibit large electronic devices on direct flights coming from six Muslim-majority countries.