Battle for Aleppo

Army advances in Aleppo as Russia blocks UN truce plan

Government forces further push into rebel-held areas as Russia and China veto ceasefire plan for besieged Aleppo.


Libyan forces claim control of ISIL stronghold of Sirte

Hundreds of loyalist troops and unknown number of ISIL fighters killed as pro-government forces seize coastal city.


UK government report slams migration 'failures'

Government-commissioned report raises concerns about lack of integration among local communities in the UK.

War & Conflict

Suspected Russian warplanes bomb Idlib, dozens killed

Monitoring group says air strikes hit several places across Syrian province, killing at least 73 people.


Four people dead in Gaza-Egypt tunnel collapse

Emergency workers have recovered the bodies of three of four men who went missing in a collapsed smuggling tunnel.

Battle for Mosul

Battle for Mosul: Who controls what

Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, is now the scene of a battle for control between Iraqi, Kurdish, and ISIL forces.

Syria's Civil War

How Facebook hurt the Syrian Revolution

Social media made the Syrian revolutionary movement less resilient and more exposed to regime brutality.

by Riham Alkousaa

Battle for Aleppo

Syrian forces seize half of Aleppo's east from rebels

Government pounds rebel-held areas as the bloody four-year stalemate over key city appears to be coming to an end.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian forces tighten grip on besieged Aleppo

Capture of Tariq al-Bab neighbourhood means government now controls about half of eastern Aleppo.


Egypt's top court upholds law restricting protests

The law, which was passed in 2013, effectively bans street demonstrations, settling a years-long court battle.

Arts & Culture

Fund to protect heritage sites in war zones approved

Around 40 nations agree to create safe havens for endangered art works as well as protecting heritage sites.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi labour minister replaced, councils reshuffled

The changes come as the Gulf kingdom prepares to implement social and economic reforms amid economic hardship.

Battle for Mosul

Mosul: Thousands facing 'catastrophic' water shortages

Some Iraqi civilians forced to drink sewage water after major water pipeline was destroyed during fighting with ISIL.


West Bank: Reading for fun in Palestine

A Nablus school that won a $1m reading award hopes to get children off smartphones to read books.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian rebels blame Russia for stalled Aleppo talks

Little relief for civilians despite weeks of indirect meetings in Turkey between Syrian opposition officials and Russia.