Catalonia's declaration of independence

What the world could really use are more secessions from the neoliberal order.

by Belen Fernandez


Spanish court suspends Catalan secession resolution

Madrid had filed appeal with Constitutional Court to invalidate Catalan resolution declaring start of secession process.


Madrid 'will not discuss' the end of Spain's unity

Spain's PM says he will open dialogue with pro-separatists leaders in Catalonia, but vows to keep country united.


Thousands of Catalans rally for independence from Spain

Catalans throng streets of Barcelona, two weeks ahead of regional polls billed as indirect vote on independence.


Spain: Hitting the streets for Catalan independence

Hundreds of thousands expected to rally on the streets of Barcelona demanding a referendum on splitting from Spain.


Podemos and the Catalan cause

New social movements have rattled Spain's two-party system.

by Hisham Aidi


Catalans eye new independence 'referendum'

For Europe's separatists, September is fast becoming the month to vote for independence.


Spain's Catalonia calls snap vote

Leader of Spanish region announces regional elections to determine whether lawmakers back independence drive.


Madrid rejects fresh Catalonia freedom bid

Spanish government indifferent to region's symbolic vote for independence in which two million people took part.


Voting ends for Catalonia symbolic secession

Regional government went ahead with the vote, drawing about 2 million voters to polls described by Madrid as useless.


Catalonia set for symbolic independence poll

Catalans hope for big turnout in a symbolic independence vote strongly opposed by the central government in Madrid.

Inside Story

Catalonia's quest for statehood

Defiant Catalonians push ahead with symbolic independence referendum, despite Madrid's objections.


Catalans to hold unofficial independence vote

Sunday's vote is non-binding as Spanish government blocked an official referendum, calling it illegal.


Spain's Catalans set to vote on independence

Catalans expected to turn out in droves on Sunday for what is now a 'symbolic' independence referendum.


Spain moves to block Catalonia vote

After succeeding in stopping official independence referendum, government now tries to stop symbolic vote.