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Abu Sayyaf releases video of German hostage's beheading

Philippine army working to confirm reports that Abu Sayyaf fighters beheaded a German man they had seized in November.

Inside Story

What's behind South Korea's probe extension refusal?

Acting president refuses to extend investigation into corruption scandal that led to impeachment of Park Geun-hye.

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Indonesia, Australia patch up wounds after military row

Leaders of two countries agree to 'full restoration of defence cooperation' and commit to free trade.

Asia Pacific

N Korea leader's brother died 'minutes after poisoning'

Kim Jong-nam had large amounts of toxic nerve agent in his body and died 20 minutes after being attacked, report says.

Asia Pacific

13 'high value' detainees escape Philippine prison

At least 13 'high-value' detainees facing drug charges stormed out of Philippine jail by cutting through metal grilles.


South Koreans hold rival rallies over Park impeachment

Demonstrations in Seoul come as court prepares to hold final hearing on president's impeachment over corruption scandal.


Chemical weapon used to kill Kim Jong-nam: police

Malaysian police say nerve agent found on face of half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

North Korea

Who produced the VX poison that killed Kim Jong-nam?

Malaysian police probe origin of ''weapon of mass destruction' used to kill North Korean leader's half brother.

Asia Pacific

Critic of Duterte's drug war arrested on drug charges

Senator and vocal critic of President Duterte faces drug-trafficking charges related to her term as a justice secretary.

Asia Pacific

Top critic of Duterte's drug war ordered arrested

De Lima, a vocal critic of President Duterte, is facing drug trafficking charges during her term as a justice secretary.


Malaysia seeks Interpol alert over Kim airport murder

Request for alert on four North Korean suspects comes as Pyongyang questions probe into death of Kim Jong-un's brother.

Asia Pacific

Four Indonesia billionaires wealthier than 100m poorest

Gap between rich and poor has grown faster in Indonesia than in any other country in Southeast Asia, Oxfam reports.


N Korea: Malaysia probe of Kim's death full of 'holes'

Diplomatic spat escalates as Pyongyang rejects responsibility for death of leader's half-brother.

Asia Pacific

N Korea says Kim Jong-nam murder suspects 'innocent'

Two women and North Korean man should be released from prison, embassy officials say, as they dismiss police account.


Dhammakaya temple and Thailand's saffron resistance

A massive search for the former abbot of a temple who is wanted to face charges could spark a battle between old political rivals.