Palestinian rock band dreams of a brighter future

Typo's music reflects band members' experiences of living in Gaza amid mounting political and economic pressure.


Gaza's women of steel

Women in Gaza are stepping up as family breadwinners, breaking cultural norms as they strive to make ends meet.


Gaza's healthcare crumbling under Israeli siege

Only a few of those living in Gaza receive necessary medical attention because of Israel's continued siege.

Arts & Culture

Gaza's only female comedian faces challenges

Reham al-Kahlout says it is not easy for other women to join her on stage because society is increasingly conservative.

Middle East

Israel's cabinet 'ignored warnings' over 2014 Gaza war

State inquiry says cabinet never discussed possible alternatives to army action, which killed over 2,250 Palestinians.

Middle East

How factionalism is killing the Palestinian struggle

Factions have not only monopolised Palestinian politics but have also suffocated the youthful spirit of the struggle.

by Mariam Barghouti

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Gaza doctor seeks justice in Israeli court

Izzeldin Abuelaish's lawsuit is finally set to be heard, years after the Israeli army killed his daughters in Gaza.

Middle East

Hamas elects new leader in Gaza Strip

Yahya Sinwar, known as the founding member of the Hamas military wing, was chosen in secret elections.

War & Conflict

Hamas elects new leader in uncertain time

Yahya Sinwar expected to act as bridge between Palestinian group's political leadership and its powerful armed wing.


Using art to heal: Battling cancer in Gaza

One Palestinian female artist's battle with cancer in Gaza.


Gaza's starman aims to fight occupation with science

Palestinian astrophysicist Suleiman Baraka wants to put Palestine on the map for research in the field.


Meet the man crowd-funding Gaza's first English library

Books can help to connect Palestinians in the besieged territory to the rest of the world, says Mosab Abu Toha.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Air strike on Gaza Strip tunnel kills two Palestinians

Two dead and five wounded near Gaza-Egypt border after missile slams into a tunnel defying Israeli blockade.

Middle East

Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip injure three Palestinians

Tank fire and air strikes leave at least three wounded as Israeli military attacks Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.


'I'm like a bird in a cage': Gaza's cancer patients

The Gaza Strip does not have adequate resources for medical treatment, but Israel prevents patients from leaving.