Fighting the far right after fascists killed my father

Adelmo Cervi, 74, has become a leading voice against the rise of far-right populist parties in Italy.

Remembering Italy's Cervi brothers amid far-right surge

Inside Story

How far will Robert Mueller's investigation go?

Thirteen Russians are accused of interfering in the US presidential election to sway the vote in favour of Donald Trump.


Polish PM defends controversial Holocaust law in Munich

Mateusz Morawiecki stands by previous statements as he rejects criticism of his country's new Holocaust law.

Poland's Morawiecki defends Holocaust law in Munich


Kosovo politician's murder overshadows independence celebrations

The killing of a prominent Kosovo Serb politician last month in the town of Mitrovica highlights the increasing lawlessness in the Serb-dominated region.


US and Russia trade barbs at Munich Security Conference

Top Russian and American officials exchanged barbs at the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany over the US indictment of 13 Russians accused of interfering in the 2016 presidential election.


Kosovo's tragedy: Village remains scarred 20 years on

Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of Kosovo's declaration of independence, but corruption and a stagnant economy give its people little to celebrate.


Is Russia attempting to erase Crimean Muslim culture?

Crimean Tatars fear the Kremlin, after annexation, is chipping away at identity of the 250,000-strong Muslim ethnicity.

Is Russia attempting to erase Crimean Muslim culture?


Far-right supporters rally to honour fascist general

More than 1,000 people rally in central Sofia to pay tribute to ultra-nationalist leader Hristo Lukov, who died in 1943.

Lukov March: Far-right supporters rally in Bulgaria


'Blather': Lavrov dismisses charges of US vote meddling

Russian foreign minister dismisses accusations of Moscow interference in the 2016 US presidential as 'blather'.


The ICJ may help Chagossians to finally return home

An upcoming ICJ decision on the status of the Chagos Islands may upset both the UK and Mauritius.

Constantinos Yiallourides

by Constantinos Yiallourides

Constantinos Yiallourides


Roger Federer: World's number one at 36

Federer had not been ranked best in the world since 2012, but his excellent past 13 months will propel him again to the top

Arts & Culture

Diversity under the spotlight at London Fashion Week

The fashion industry in the UK employs nearly 900,000 people and the 2018 London Fashion Week includes initiatives to protect those working in the almost $42bn business.

Talk to Al Jazeera

Rokhaya Diallo: Race, religion and feminism in France

The French activist talks to Al Jazeera about religion, gender and state-sponsored racism in today's France.


Austria's Freedom Party revokes statements on Muslims

Freedom Party to pay compensation to Muslim Youth Austria for accusing it of 'spearheading Islamist ideologies'.

 Far-right Austrian party revokes statements on Muslims

United Kingdom

Theresa May: 'UK committed to Europe's future security'

Speaking at Munich Security Conference, UK PM calls for continuation of European security cooperation even after Brexit.

Theresa May: 'UK committed to Europe's future security'