Brexit 'at any cost' will damage unity, says Blair

Addressing voters and businesses, former Labour PM backs effort to temper terms of, or even halt, Britain's EU exit.


Budapest considers dropping 2024 Olympics bid

Petition challenge makes mayor of Hungarian capital consider pulling out similar to Hamburg, Rome and Boston.


The rise of populism: Should we be worried?

In this UpFront special, a transatlantic panel debates the growing appeal of populist leaders on the right.


Husband of Spain's Princess Cristina gets jail term

Cristina ordered to pay fines and Inaki Urdangarin given six-year sentence for charges including fraud and tax evasion.


The Baltic states: No easy target

The Baltic states are again worried about Russia's intentions, but this time they are ready to defend themselves.

by Agnia Grigas


'Donetsk People's Republic' seeks sense of nationhood

Self-proclaimed breakaway region teaches children about citizenship and issues passports as it aspires to recognition.

The Big Picture

Facebook Q&A: Trump and the far right in Europe

Is far-right politics a threat to the European Union, and is the American dream a myth?


Hungry for whale: Tourists boost Iceland whale hunting

Iceland's anti-whaling campaigners confront massive demand for whale meat driven by restaurants catering to tourists.


Romania: The second fall of Ceausescu

The 2017 protests in Romania mirror the 1989 ones. They both brought down a corrupt kleptocratic order.

by Cristian Popescu


NATO's European allies take steps to meet US demand

EU defence ministers agree to buy planes and submarines jointly and to open a new command centre for elite troops.

The Big Picture

The Making and Breaking of Europe

We analyse how populist far-right movements are challenging the promise of an integrated union.


Waiting For Invasion

Two Lithuanian conscripts train to defend their country against Russian aggression as tensions in the region escalate.


Justice for Theo: Who can protect us from the police?

The violent police assault on Theo is yet another example of the systemic police brutality in France's suburbs.

by Ali Saad

United States

US to NATO: Pay more or we will reduce support

Defence Secretary tells NATO that US will moderate its commitment, if fellow members do not increase military spending.


Elections in France: It's all about security

Homeland security is the main talking point for all candidates hoping to become the next French president in May.

by Anne Giudicelli