In search of the 'merits' of colonialism

Is there anything good that came out of colonialism, past or present?

Laleh Khalili

by Laleh Khalili

Laleh Khalili

The Far Right

As Italy election nears, parties load blame on migrants

Although few want to stay in Italy, a country with poor job prospects, far-right and mainstream groups target refugees.

How Italy's far right exploits the migration crisis

Reporter's Notebook

A Russia-trained paramilitary force in Bosnia?

Reported paramilitary force was put together by the president of Republika Srpska, and could be another example of Moscow's meddling in the Balkans.

Does the 'Serbian Honour' force have a Russian link?


France dairy giant reveals salmonella outbreak extent

At least 83 countries have been affected by a salmonella outbreak at one of the world's largest dairy firms. More than 30 children have been poisoned in France alone.


Austria's Muslims fear being cast as threat to security

Government's new programme disproportionately focuses on Muslims and 'political Islam', but ignores far-right activity.

Austria's Muslims fear being cast as threat to security

Czech Republic

Czech presidential election to be determined in run-off

While the role of president is largely ceremonial, it is regarded as a weathervane of the country's political direction.

Czech vote: Milos Zeman to face Jiri Drahos in run-off


Hungary retrial highlights 'vilification of refugees'

Syrian refugee was found guilty of an 'act of terror' in 2016 after a riot on the Serbia-Hungary border in 2015.

Hungary retrial highlights 'vilification of refugees'


German parties reach breakthrough in coalition talks

Germany inches towards a new government after Angela Merkel strikes deal with SPD to enter formal coalition talks.

Czech Republic

What's at stake in the Czech presidential election?

Incumbent Milos Zeman seen as front runner in field of nine candidates vying for a spot in a runoff later this month.

Czechs head to the polls to elect next president

United Kingdom

UK's May to eliminate 'avoidable plastic waste' by 2042

Millions of tonnes of plastics enter the oceans every year, and some take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

The Oligarchs

Secret court document exposes state looting in Ukraine

Current Ukrainian leader's ex-financial advisers named as brokers in transactions linked to $1.5bn fraud of predecessor.

Secret court document exposes state looting in Ukraine

The Oligarchs

Al Jazeera unveils plot to profit from Ukraine billions

Secret documents reveal a plot by Eastern European oligarchs to profit from billions of dollars believed to have been stolen by the removed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich.


Northern Ireland future unclear post-Brexit

Without a functioning government in Northern Ireland, details of the post-Brexit relationship with the Republic of Ireland remain unresolved and, more than esoteric trade laws, the very peace deal that ended 'the Troubles' could be at stake.


Europe stumbles forward in search for migration policy

Competing visions of the future of EU immigration policy are straining relations between countries.

Europe stumbles forward in search for migration policy


Germany ban on online hate speech triggers debate

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are being forced to remove offensive content or face fines of up to $60m.