Westminster Attack

UK targets WhatsApp encryption after London attack

Minister Amber Rudd calls messaging encryption 'unacceptable', says security services must have access to that content.


Test for Merkel in Germany's Saarland election

Sunday's state vote seen as indicator of Angela Merkel's chances to be re-elected as chancellor.

Human Rights

Mass graves in Ireland: A long history of Church abuse

When infant remains were found in a former home for unwed mothers last month, it didn't come as a surprise to everyone.


Bulgaria votes in tight parliamentary election

Voting begins in third poll since 2003 amid expectations that it would once again result in a fragmented parliament.


Belarus protesters 'grabbed off the streets, beaten'

Police detain scores attempting to hold banned rally, days after president warns of foreign-backed plot to topple him.

The Listening Post

The art and evolution of headline writing

How have headlines evolved, from their early days in the late 19th century to their bold modern digital descendants?


EU leaders mark 60th anniversary of Rome treaty

Leaders renew Rome treaty vows as they mark the 60th anniversary of EU's founding pact in the Italian capital.

Westminster Attack

UK Muslim raises over $30,000 for London attack victims

After witnessing the car-and-knife attack from his office window, Muddassar Ahmed launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Inside Story

When does a crime become an act of 'terrorism'?

The attack on the UK parliament has been called 'terrorism'. Who decides whether a crime is a 'terror' act?


New details emerge about London attacker

UK police have identified Khalid Masood as the assailant in a deadly car and knife attack in the heart of London earlier this week. Now, more details about the life of the 52-year-old British man have surfaced.

Humanitarian crises

Week in pictures: From Rohingya exodus to Peru floods

From floods in Peru and fighting in Mosul to Nowruz celebrations, here is the week in photos.


Why Turkey might buy Russia's S-400 defence system

A potential defence deal between Turkey and Russia could enhance their military cooperation but would not mend ties.

by Can Kasapoglu


London attack victims remembered as investigation continues

As police investigate an attack in Westminster that killed at least five people, the victims are being remembered with silent memorials and floral tributes. Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports from London.


Ex-Russian MP Denis Voronenkov shot dead in Ukraine

A war of words has erupted between Russia and Ukraine after Denis Voronenkov, a former Russian MP, was shot dead in Kiev. Voronenkov was a critic of the Russian government who fled to Ukraine last year.


Tributes pour in for victims of London attack

Thousands of mourners filled Trafalgar Square for a vigil for those killed in a car and knife attack in the heart of London. All of the victims have now been named. Al Jazeera’s Charlie Angela reports from the English capital