French youths protest police brutality, eight arrested

Eight arrests reported after isolated skirmishes as teens protest suspected rape of young black man with a police baton.


Cleric charged with sexually abusing child refugees

Police arrest 52-year-old French accused of molesting unaccompanied refugee minors after offering them food and shelter.


Cyprus talks falter over nationalist commemoration row

Turkish Cypriot side rejects meeting after Greek Cypriot move to mark 1950 referendum for union with Greece at schools.


Milo and the hypocrisy behind free speech claims

His case showed us that the erroneous invocation of 'free speech' is effectively providing cover for hate spewers.

by Rachel Shabi

Science & Technology

Scientific legacy of cloned sheep Dolly lives on

Dolly the Sheep only lived for seven years, but the scientific advances that came from her creation still live on.

Human Rights

Amnesty warns of 'darkest times' as hate speech rises

Group says fear mongering increasing as it cites violations of civil liberties in 159 countries from Myanmar to France.

War & Conflict

Ukraine accuses pro-Russia rebels of breaking truce

Rebels persistently shelled army positions, killing at least one soldier, according to Ukraine's military.


UK publisher cancels far-right commentator's book

Publisher Simon & Schuster had defended Milo Yiannopoulos but steps back after comments about sexual consent.


French police search Marine Le Pen's party headquarters

Raid is part of an investigation into allegations that far-right leader used EU funds to pay staff of her FN party.

Special series

The Business of Colonisation

Philosopher Srecko Horvat looks at Europe's identity crisis and asks if the continent is colonising itself.


Russia rejects Montenegro's coup claims

Moscow denies Montenegro's claims that Russia was involved in a coup plot in the Balkan country last year.


For Europe, questions remain as to US foreign policy

It's an uphill battle for the Trump administration to convince the EU that the US will not abandon its Western allies.

by Martin Reardon


Hitler's phone sells for more than $240,000

Nazi leader's personal telephone, found in a Berlin bunker in 1945, was bought by an anonymous bidder at US auction.


Emmanuel Macron struggles to impress French Muslims

Presidential front runner draws praise for avoiding anti-Islam rhetoric but doubts persist over his centrist platform.

Press Freedom

Britain attempts to brand journalists as spies

The UK government is considering new laws that target journalists who obtain or share state secrets.

by Jim Killock