North Korea

North Korea claims 'successful' rocket engine test

North Korea has conducted a 'successful' ground test of a new rocket engine to launch satellites, state media said.

North Korea

North Korean missile lands near Japanese waters

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calls launch "an unforgivable act of violence toward Japan's security".

North Korea

North Korea: Missile launch a test for nuclear strike

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un personally supervised Tuesday's firing of three ballistic missiles, North's state media says.

Kim Jong-un

N Korea to cut only communication channel with US

Pyongyang's decision is apparently in retaliation to US move to blacklist leader Kim Jong-un for human rights abuses.

Kim Jong-un

US sanctions Kim Jong-un for the first time

Report says the country's prison camps commonly subject many of the 120,000 detainees to torture, assault and execution.

War & Conflict

India's embarrassing North Korean connection

Research centre in the Himalayan foothills under scrutiny after revelation that it trained North Korean scientists.

North Korea

North Korea 'will only use nuclear arms if attacked'

Kim Jong-un says his country will not use nuclear arms unless its sovereignty is infringed by others.


North Korea cements Kim at the top

The bottom-line for Kim, will always focus on regime stability.

by J Berkshire Miller

North Korea

North Korea holds first party congress in decades

Ruling Workers' Party is holding its first meeting in 36 years, as leader Kim Jong-un seeks to cement his absolute rule.


Average North Koreans will be hit hardest by sanctions

Miners, engineers and truck drivers will be the victims of the latest round of North Korea sanctions.

by Andrei Lankov

Nuclear weapons

North Korea to pursue more 'nuclear deterrence'

Pyongyang fires new missile as its ambassador to the UN in Geneva says a state of "semi-war" is now ongoing.

War & Conflict

North Korean video depicts US under attack

Angered by joint US-South Korean military drills, Pyongyang issues more threats to Washington and Seoul.

Inside Story

Have sanctions against North Korea worked?

South Korea has stepped up sanctions on its arch rival following a rocket launch and nuclear bomb test.

Fault Lines

Hidden state: Inside North Korea

Fault Lines gains rare access into North Korea and examines the impact of US policies on the secretive nation.


Now Pyongyang has nothing to lose

New UN resolution doesn't make the Korean Peninsula more secure and does not remove the nuclear threat.

by Andrei Lankov