What's on Kim Jong-un's mind?

Kim Jong-un's actions may seem 'irrational' on the surface, but he knows what he is doing and his policies are working.

by Andrei Lankov

North Korea

US says 'all options on table' to deal with North Korea

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley calls Kim Jong-un arrogant and not 'a rational person'.

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Video emerges of man claiming to be Kim Jong-nam's son

Video purportedly shows Kim Han-sol, who said he and his mother and sister are lying low after his father's murder.

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Kim Jong-nam suspect accuses Malaysia of conspiracy

Suspect in the murder of North Korean leader's brother points finger at Malaysian authorities as he denies involvement.

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Malaysia condemns use of chemical weapon in Kim killing

Condemnation comes after diplomat says improbable that VX nerve agent killed North Korean leader's half-brother.

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Malaysia to free North Korean chemical attack suspect

No evidence found against man in assassination of Kim Jong-nam at Kuala Lumpur's airport with VX nerve agent.

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Malaysia to cancel visa-free entry for North Koreans

Move comes after the killing of North Korean leader's half-brother Kim Jong-nam with VX nerve agent in Kuala Lumpur.

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North Korea calls Kim Jong-nam VX poison claim 'absurd'

Claim that chemical weapon was detected in the corpse lacks 'scientific accuracy and logical coherence', says Pyongyang.

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Women charged with killing N Korean leader's brother

Under heavy security, Indonesian and Vietnamese nationals formally charged with murder and now face death penalty.

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Two women face charges over Kim Jong-nam killing

Women accused of smearing VX nerve agent on North Korean leader's half-brother to be officially charged in Malaysia.

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Four North Korean suspects of Kim killing 'are spies'

Suspects were directed by N Korean leader and work for Pyongyang's spy agency, South Korean intelligence officials say.

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N Korea leader's brother died 'minutes after poisoning'

Kim Jong-nam had large amounts of toxic nerve agent in his body and died 20 minutes after being attacked, report says.


Kim Jong-nam attack reveals true nature of North Korea

The risk of proliferation of nerve agents to non-state actors is perhaps the most startling concern.

by J Berkshire Miller

North Korea

Who produced the VX poison that killed Kim Jong-nam?

Malaysian police probe origin of ''weapon of mass destruction' used to kill North Korean leader's half brother.


Malaysia seeks Interpol alert over Kim airport murder

Request for alert on four North Korean suspects comes as Pyongyang questions probe into death of Kim Jong-un's brother.