Afghan presidential rivals sign unity deal
Power-sharing agreement between rival candidates ends months of crisis after disputed presidential polls in June.
Fresh clashes reported in Sanaa despite announcement of deal between Houthi rebels and government to end bloodshed.
About 60,000 cross into Turkey after ISIL fighters take dozens of villages along border, escalating fears of massacre.
Wife of British taxi driver held in Syria says his death would achieve nothing for armed group's cause.
Celebrities and political leaders expected to join more than 100,000 people in what could be largest-ever climate rally.
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101 East19 Sep 2014 08:55 GMT
A special two-part investigation explores how a famous Cambodian temple statue ended up in a New York auction house.
The Slum19 Sep 2014 09:19 GMT
As a birth attendant advocating for family planning, Remy is on the frontline of Tondo's battle with overcrowding.
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