Egypt: Attacks on Copts in Sinai 'a message from ISIL'

The state's 'war on terrorism' in Sinai has proved unsuccessful, say analysts.

Arts & Culture

Ghost Hunting: Inside Israel's Al Moskobiya prison

Raed Andoni's Ghost Hunting explores trauma of former Palestinian prisoners as they rebuild their interrogation cell.

Syria's Civil War

Syria's FSA vows to attack government forces in Al Bab

Syrian army's advances in Al Bab city may delay the battle for Raqqa, analysts say.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel's hateful posts target Palestinian politicians

Tens of thousands of cases of online incitement via Israeli social media were documented last year.

Middle East

What is behind the hostility between Iran and Turkey?

The post-ISIL power vacuum in the region has brought tensions between Iran and Turkey to a head, analysts say.