Battle for Aleppo

Bombard and besiege: How Syrian army took over Aleppo

The collapse of the armed opposition in Aleppo has removed the major military threats to regime advancement.

Middle East

Debunking the many myths about Arab youth

The new Arab Human Development report seeks to dispel misconceptions about young Arabs in the region.


Arab Knesset members vow to 'sue Netanyahu'

Joint List promises to sue PM over "incitement" against Palestinians during fires, but lawyers say plan is not feasible.

Battle for Mosul

Mosul residents 'won't leave' despite dire conditions

Seven weeks into the Mosul operation, the remaining residents struggle for basics of survival.

by John Beck

Middle East

Fatah: From liberation movement to West Bank government

The recently concluded Fatah congress only intensified the aimless drift that characterises Palestinian condition today.