Gaza: Israel's war drums are getting louder

Israel is entertaining another round of fighting on the besieged strip.

Syria's Civil War

Will the fall of Raqqa put an end to ISIL in Syria?

Unless there is an effective transition of power and a legitimate government in place, ISIL will continue to exist.

War & Conflict

Libya: A letter from Misrata

Maimuna Aghliw tells of normal day in the Libyan city of Misrata, peppered with hints of a war nearby.

Battle for Mosul

'They hit the oppressed': Iraqis share their stories

Iraqi civilians share their plight as casualties continue to mount from US-led coalition air strikes in Mosul.

Battle for Mosul

Mosul civilians: 'There were pieces of bodies'

Dozens of civilians died in a recent coalition strike aimed at killing an ISIL commander in Mosul, residents say.

by John Beck