Occupied West Bank

Palestinians decry West Bank industrial zone expansion

For years, Israel has increasingly taken control of Palestinian lands in Area C to build out its industrial zones.

Middle East

Syria talks hit snag before opening ceremony in Geneva

Negotiations off to rocky start after opposition threatens to skip opening ceremony over disagreements.

by Dylan Collins
- Zena Tahhan

Battle for Mosul

Hunting down ISIL sleeper cells in Mosul

Since retaking eastern Mosul from ISIL, Iraqi security forces have been working to apprehend the remaining fighters.

by John Beck


Morocco's February 20 movement: 'Demands still alive'

Not much has changed since the movement's inception six years ago, activists say.

Syria's Civil War

What do Syrians make of the latest Geneva peace talks?

As bombing of civilian areas continues, Syrians are pessimistic over the outcome of the Geneva talks.