Business & Economy

The human cost of palm oil production in Myanmar

Aggressive expansion of plantations enacted in southern provinces largely ignoring environment and workers' rights.


Myanmar detains policemen over Rohingya abuse video

Rare admission of abuse in Rakhine state follows release of selfie-style video filmed by border police showing torture.


Myanmar to probe Rohingya abuse caught on video

Selfie-style video filmed by border guard police shows officers kicking, punching and slapping Rohingya men.


Global leaders warn Aung San Suu Kyi over Rohingya

Group of 23 Nobel laureates and global leaders write to UNSC about "crimes against humanity" taking place in Myanmar.


Malaysian flotilla planned to help Rohingya in Myanmar

Myanmar says it will not allow any unauthorised landing on its territory, sparking fears of possible confrontation.


Myanmar Muslim killed after speaking to reporters

Headless body of Shu Nar Myar found after he spoke to media during rare government-guided tour of restive Rakhine state.

Human Rights

15,000 from Myanmar flee fighting to China

Heavy fighting has led thousands to escape across the border in the northern states of Kachin and Shan.


Rohingya abuse may be crimes against humanity: Amnesty

Rights group says Myanmar army targets civilians in "systematic campaign of violence" as ASEAN discusses the issue.

Poverty & Development

Life at Yangon Central Railway Station

A permanent community of station employees, guards, snack sellers and the homeless call the station their home.


Rohingya refugees from Myanmar tell of trauma

Some hid in rice fields, others ate only leaves while making the long journey by foot across the border into Bangladesh.


Report: Northern Myanmar rebel clashes turn deadly

At least 11 people killed in northern Myanmar as clashes escalate in the northern Shan state.


Rohingya crisis: Myanmar bans workers going to Malaysia

Myanmar's immigration ministry says it has ceased issuing new licences for nationals to work in wealthier Malaysia.


Dozens of Rohingya missing as boat sinks off Bangladesh

Boat packed with at least 31 people reportedly chased by a Myanmar army speedboat as it tried to reach Bangladesh.

Inside Story

Is the world ignoring the plight of the Rohingya?

Malaysian prime minister urges foreign intervention to stop what he calls the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.


Rohingya: 'Whoever was in front of them, they killed'

Military uses indiscriminate violence in pursuit of Al Yaqeen fighters who demand equal rights for Rohingya Muslims.