Gambian president-elect urges Jammeh to accept defeat

Appeal by Barrow followed by unanimous statement by UN Security Council calling for transfer of power with undue delay.


Scores killed in suicide attack in Yemen's Aden

More than 40 dead and 30 wounded in military base on port city's outskirts in bombing claimed by ISIL's local branch.

Inside Story

What's next for Guantanamo?

As the latest trials for 9/11 suspects conclude, the debate over the use of the military prison continues.

Battle for Mosul

Iraq shifts forces to east Mosul as ISIL hits back

After deadly ambush, Iraqi army units moved from southern positions to city's east where most of the fighting is.

United States

Trump team rejects Obama's 'Russian hacking' probe

US president's order for full-scale review of alleged campaign-season cyberattacks elicits sharp criticism of CIA.


Abu Sayyaf commander 'killed in Malaysia'

Malaysian PM lauds security forces as the Philippines reports death of Abraham Hamid, accused of kidnapping foreigners.

Battle for Aleppo

Immediate end urged to violence in Syria's Aleppo

Meeting in Paris, Western and Arab diplomats call for renewed talks between Assad government and opposition leaders.


Ghana's opposition leader wins presidential election

President Mahama concedes defeat to former foreign minister Akufo-Addo, who was making his third bid for the top job.

Business & Economy

China 'blocks' Mongolia border after Dalai Lama visit

Mongolia says hundreds of trucks stuck at the border after move seen as a response to Dalai Lama's visit to Ulaanbaatar.


Maasai Olympics kick off in Kenya

Biennial event is promoted by conservationists to curb lion hunting and spot talent among southern Kenya's Maasai tribe.


Egypt: 20 killed by bomb blast at Coptic cathedral

At least 20 killed and 25 others wounded by blast at St Mark's Cathedral, the main Coptic church in central Cairo.


ISIL fighters re-enter Syria's Palmyra

Monitoring group says fighters occupy northwest part of city that was recaptured earlier this year by government forces.