United States

US naval group holds drills as N Korea ramps up threats

USS Carl Vinson strike group carries out exercises with South Korean navy as North's media warns 'stop running wild'.

Middle East

Saudi Arabia arrests 46 over 2016 Medina mosque attack

Attacks took place in July during final days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, killing four security officers.


German researchers look at artificial light as fuel source

It's 10,000 times more intense than the sun's rays, and could one day fuel Germany's auto and aerospace industries. Researchers of the Synlight project are looking into artificial light as a form of renewable energy.


Women's rugby: India backs young Kashmiri players

Girls' rugby sevens in Kashmir is one of a range of sports the Indian government is promoting to try and engage with young people. The Indian-administered state has endured a nearly 30-year-long, often violent campaign for independence.

Asia Pacific

Philippine, Indonesia to boost business through new trade route

A new shipping lane has been launched between the Philippines and Indonesia to increase trade. Indonesian President Joko Widodo travelled to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's hometown to inaugurate the gateway.

Asia Pacific

South Korea economy hit by Beijing boycott

The deployment of missile defence system known as THAAD in South Korea has angered China, which says it's a threat to its security. Beijing is urging its citizens to boycott South Korean goods. That's affecting tourism and even national TV.

Middle East

Iran: Khamanei rebuffs Rouhani over detente with West

Supreme leader denounces Rouhani's comments suggesting risk of war with the West has disappeared since he took office.


'Racial segregation continues' in South African universities

Twenty-six years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, black students believe university campuses are still effectively segregated.

United States

Severe storms kill at least seven in southern US

Tornadoes and flooding kill at least seven as dangerous weather hammered the southern United States.

Middle East

Turkey threatens more strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds

Erdogan says more action possible against YPG fighters in Syria, insisting US support for Kurdish group must end.


Famed Swiss climber falls to death near Mount Everest

Ueli Steck fell 1,000 metres off a ridge during preparations to climb Mount Everest.

Middle East

Libya seizes oil tankers after shootout at sea

Ukrainian and Congolese-flagged vessels caught loading Libyan oil detained after a fierce, hours-long gun battle.