French youths protest police brutality, eight arrested

Eight arrests reported after isolated skirmishes as teens protest suspected rape of young black man with a police baton.

Syria's Civil War

What do Syrians make of the latest Geneva peace talks?

As bombing of civilian areas continues, Syrians are pessimistic over the outcome of the Geneva talks.


Deadly blast hits market in Pakistan's Lahore

At least seven killed and many wounded as powerful blast rips through market in city's affluent Defence area.

Asia Pacific

Four Indonesia billionaires wealthier than 100m poorest

Gap between rich and poor has grown faster in Indonesia than in any other country in Southeast Asia, Oxfam reports.

Middle East

Syria rebels seek 'direct negotiations' with government

Instead of negotiating in separate rooms, opposition wants face-to-face meetings with officials at Geneva talks.


Malaysia seeks Interpol alert over Kim airport murder

Request for alert on four North Korean suspects comes as Pyongyang questions probe into death of Kim Jong-un's brother.

Science & Technology

Seven new Earth-like planets 'best bet' for life

NASA official says discovery gives hint that finding a second Earth is 'just a matter' of time.

United States

White House rolls back federal transgender protections

Donald Trump withdraws Obama-era guidance allowing transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.


UN decries Israel's West Bank demolition order

An estimated 140 structures in a Palestinian Bedouin village ordered demolished by the Israeli government.


Cleric charged with sexually abusing child refugees

Police arrest 52-year-old French accused of molesting unaccompanied refugee minors after offering them food and shelter.

Human Rights

Mexican man kills himself after third US deportation

Sinaloa state native Guadalupe Olivas Valencia threw himself to his death by jumping off a bridge, authorities say.

Humanitarian crises

$4.4bn urgently needed to prevent 'famine catastrophe'

UN chief Antonio Guterres says more than 20 million people face starvation in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen.