Justice for Theo: 'Police abuse is an everyday thing'

Activists speak of discrimination and abuse by police, as protests continue after rape of black man in Paris suburb.


Paris rally over alleged police rape descends into riot

Anger over rape of 22-year-old black youth worker boils over as more than 2,000 gather outside courthouse in Bobigny.

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France's presidential race: Old and new media collide

Following the vote for Brexit and Donald Trump's win, France's presidential race has put the role of media on spotlight.

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Media, old and new, drive France's presidential race

We explore what is driving the presidential campaign in France; plus, the threat of fake news in Italy.


Paris police say rape of black man an 'accident'

More protests planned as assault on 22-year-old arrested in Paris suburb is deemed accidental by French investigators.


Roma evictions in France

Number of Romani people forcibly evicted over the past five years.


Thousands of Roma made homeless in France in 2016

More than six in 10 Roma families forcibly evicted as persecution against community rises, civil rights groups report.

Nicolas Sarkozy

France: Sarkozy to face trial over campaign financing

Former French president is to face trial for alleged illegal financing of election expenses during his 2012 campaign.

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Can Marine Le Pen win the French presidential election?

The far-right leader says globalisation and 'Islamic fundamentalism' are undermining French culture.


France: Protests erupt after police rape black man

Hundreds demand justice for 22-year-old youth worker who was sodomised and beaten by officer with a baton.


House of women in Paris, supports victims of abuse, FGM

Female victims of violence can get medical and psychological help - from reconstructive surgery, to therapy, to support.


Le Pen kicks off campaign with 'France first' promise

Far-right leader says she is the 'people's president' as she makes 144 promises against immigration and global trade.


Le Pen courts overseas departments in presidency bid

'Departmentalisation didn't go far enough. We need a revolution. Some of us will even consider voting Le Pen to get it.'

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France: Bollore and the media

A look at the tension between business and journalism as French media is concentrated in fewer corporate hands.


Louvre attacker believed to be a 29-year-old Egyptian

Mobile phone data suggests man who tried to attack Paris museum entered France on a tourist visa on January 26.