Renault: Latest car maker targeted in 'dieselgate'

Following Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler, Renault is being investigated over possible 'cheating' in diesel emissions.


Israel and Palestinians squabble over Paris conference

At least 72 countries will attend a conference aiming to lay a framework for a two-state solution.

Middle East

First new Airbus in decades arrives in Iran

The A321 jet, purchased after the nuclear deal with world powers, will mainly be used for domestic flights within Iran.


Is work-life balance a myth?

How the digital age is reshaping our lives.


French police called to school that gave Arabic classes

Officials in southern French town twice sent officers to primary school that offered pupils optional Arabic lessons.

Inside Story

Can France hold corrupt African leaders to account?

The son of Equatorial Guinea's president is on trial in France for misusing state funds.

Arts & Culture

Prominent cultural critic John Berger dies aged 90

Author of "Ways of Seeing", considered an influential thinker of 20th century, passes on at the age of 90 in Paris.

Middle East

France's Hollande in Iraq to review war on ISIL

French president also visits Iraq to salute troops which are taking part in a US-led military coalition against ISIL.


IMF's Lagarde found guilty of negligence in France

French court finds Lagarde at fault for failing to challenge a $420m compensation payout but she will not face prison.

Christine Lagarde

IMF chief goes on trial in France for negligence

Former French finance minister cites "state's interest" in approving $425m payment to businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008.


Bernard-Henri Levy on ISIL, Islam and France

The French philosopher debates civil liberties and compares "jihadism" to Nazism.


Bernard Cazeneuve named French PM as Valls quits

Manuel Valls announces presidential run just days after President Hollande, also a Socialist, said he would not run.

Arts & Culture

Fund to protect heritage sites in war zones approved

Around 40 nations agree to create safe havens for endangered art works as well as protecting heritage sites.


Fillon's victory: A political earthquake in France

Francois Fillon's surprising victory in the Republican primaries has sent his future rivals scrambling to change course.

by Remi Piet

Inside Story

France: A 'Mr Nobody' for president?

Francois Fillon is the Conservative party's candidate for next year's French election.