A heatwave in the Arctic, a Trump in the White House

As the planet is approaching a climate catastrophe, Trump is to take office with a climate change denial agenda.

by Richard Seymour


Massive iceberg expected to crack off Antarctica

Breaking away of icebergs with an area of 5,000sq km will fundamentally change the landscape of frozen continent.


US and Canada prevent oil drilling in Arctic waters

Obama made the move under an obscure provision of a 1953 law with no way for future presidents to roll it back.


Arctic ice disappearing at an alarming rate

Direct link established between diminishing Arctic sea ice and extremes of weather.


North Pole heat wave and record temperatures

At no point this month has the Pole been colder than average.


COP22: Paris was about the deal, Marrakech the detail

By climate summit's end, dozens of vulnerable countries pledge to stop burning fossil fuels.

Climate Change

What does Africa need to tackle climate change?

Adapting Africa's agriculture to withstand the impact of climate change requires significant investment.

by Aly Abou-Sabaa


North America's record November warmth

Skiing's off in the Canadian Rockies, while people in the US Plains are also experiencing abnormally warm temperatures.

Climate Change

Climate change action 'unstoppable' despite Trump: Ban

UN chief warns new US leader Donald Trump any move to pull out of historic climate deal would be unacceptable.


Climate chaos: How El Nino changes the weather

From a monster El Nino to climate change, TechKnow investigates the cause and effect of the current climate chaos.

Climate Change

Unease at Trump's 'catastrophic' climate policies

A 2020 goal of $100bn in climate finance was originally set in Copenhagen in 2009, but that is now in question.

US Elections 2016

US election: Clinton vs Trump on climate change

Do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a plan to combat climate change?


Coral catastrophe: The fight to save our dying reefs

A team of scientists are using assisted evolution to grow "super coral" that can withstand climate change.


The Paris climate agreement and why it matters

Seen as a turning point for global climate policy, the historic accord signed last year by 195 nations comes into force.


Massive marine park declared in Antarctic Ocean

Marine reserve, covering an area of 1.55 square kilometres, will be the biggest in the world.