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Fossils show life on Earth four billion years ago

An international team of scientists has discovered what they say appear to be fossils of bacteria from nearly four billion years ago. It's far earlier than organic life was thought to have evolved on Earth.


Canada's own immigration ban

Canada is trying to be an example for the world by welcoming refugees, but its doors are still not open to Roma.

by Dafina Savic
- Debbie Folaron

Human Rights

Canada locking up hundreds of children each year

New report says children held alongside parents in immigration detention are at risk of 'serious' human rights abuses.


Warning: Canada is not what you think it is

If you assume Canada is a welcoming haven from the bile and divisiveness in the age of Trump, you may be mistaken.

by Andrew Mitrovica


New underground railroad to Canada for Trump refugees

Recently, hundreds of refugees have crossed the US border into Manitoba, braving snow and cold at great peril.

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One person's criminal may be another's terrorist

Alexandre Bissonnette was not charged with terrorism although his attack in Quebec has all the elements of a terror act.

by Faisal Kutty

Special series

Canada's Dark Secret

The story of Canada's residential school system and the indigenous survivors who bear witness to its abuses.

Human Rights

Canada under pressure to counter Trump's 'Muslim ban'

Rights groups urge Canada to lift cap on refugee sponsorship after US bars entry to refugees and immigrants.


Quebec mosque shooting: Beyond the official rhetoric

What lies beyond the official welcoming rhetoric directed at Muslim communities in Canada?

by Kenza Oumlil

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Why the Quebec mosque shooting happened

Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crimes have been on the rise in Quebec and Canada as a whole for years.

by Safiah Chowdhury


Canada was first to try to muzzle scientists and fail

Facts and science might be in danger but judging by the Canadian experience, there will be many who will resist.

by Andrew Mitrovica

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No 'terrorism' charges for Quebec mosque attack suspect

Suspect known for far-right views faces several counts of murder but is not charged with any terrorism-related offences.

Inside Story

Is Canada's diversity in danger?

Canada's relative calm has been broken by the killing of six people as they prayed in a mosque in Quebec.


Social media tributes pour in after 'attack on Muslims'

Social media users express solidarity after attack on a Quebec City mosque leaves six Muslims dead and eight wounded.


Dutch mosques lock doors at prayers after Canada attack

Four of the biggest mosques in the Netherlands to shut doors during prayers after attack on mosque in Quebec.