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How will Spain deal with Catalonia separatist campaign?

Thousands of people turned out across Catalonia on Sunday to vote in a secession referendum.

“Illegal” and “irresponsible” are the words used by Spain’s deputy prime minister to condemn Catalonia’s leaders for Sunday’s controversial secession referendum.

Tens of thousands of Catalans turned out to vote. That led to violent scenes in some parts of Barcelona, when Spanish national police – sent from outside the region – tried to shut down polling stations and confiscate ballots.

In Madrid, the central government said police acted with “professionalism” and in a “proportionate way”.

So, what does the future hold for Catalonia and Spain?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam 


Enric Martinez-Herrera – political analyst

Luke Stobart – Barcelona-based writer

Sonia Andolz – Lecturer, University of Barcelona