Spain's Rajoy wins confidence vote to be prime minister

Ending a 10-month political deadlock, Mariano Rajoy secures enough votes to finally form a minority government.

War & Conflict

Syria, the Spanish Civil War and foreign legions

Like in the Spanish Civil War, the "foreign legions" are complicating the resolution of the conflict in Syria.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi


Spain's Socialists lift veto on minority government

Vote paves way to the formation of a minority government headed by conservative party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Al Jazeera World

Catalonia's Last Bullfight

A look at opposing sides of Catalan bullfighting, to some a cruel sport, to others a revered Spanish tradition.

Arts & Culture

Does bullfighting have a future in Spain?

Meet the students who dream of becoming Spain's new generation of bullfighters even as opposition to bullfighting grows.


Spain: Summer is over as autumn's violent storms arrive

After a blazing hot and dry summer, Spain finally descends into stormy autumn.


Spain's Socialist Party leader resigns after dispute

Pedro Sanchez's decision to step down opens way for new government in Spain following a nine-month political stalemate.


What the Spanish civil war can reveal about Syria

The Spanish civil war spanned three years - why has the Syrian conflict endured so much longer?

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi


Spain: Is this the end of the Socialists?

A 'sense of duty' may not be enough for Spain to overcome the crippling political impasse.

by Gina Benevento

Human Rights

Egypt: 170 bodies found so far in refugee boat disaster

Sinking ranks as one of the deadliest incidents for migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

War & Conflict

Searching for Garcia Lorca

Will finding controversial poet's final resting place help Spain reconcile with its tragic past?

by Hisham Aidi


Catalan separatists rally to push for break from Spain

Tens of thousands of Catalans gathered to demand their region speed up its drive to break away from Spain


Thousands in Spain's Madrid call for bullfighting ban

Protest part of a growing animal rights movement that has prompted local authorities to crack down on the tradition.

War & Conflict

40 years on, DNA tests to identify Spain's war victims

Catalonia starts DNA project to identify some of the 114,000 who disappeared during Spain's civil war and dictatorship.


Wildfire forces evacuation around Spain’s Costa Blanca

Buildings destroyed and around 1,400 forced to evacuate as blazes break out in the southeastern province of Alicante.