It's been one year since United States President Donald Trump won one of the most hotly-contested and divisive elections in the country's history. In part two of our Stream town hall, we're joined by a special panel of seven naturalised citizens to the US for an in-depth look at the year since Donald Trump was elected, and discuss what his priorities over the next year should be.
In his inaugural address, President Trump emphasised his campaign promises to create jobs and put the American people first. Within days of being sworn in, he set out trying to push through major legislative changes: repealing and replacing Obama-era healthcare reforms, expanding the vetting of immigrants to the US, creating jobs and moving to withdraw the US from several international agreements. None of these, though, have been fully achieved.
Despite overall low approval ratings, the voters who put Trump in power are mostly satisfied. But his first year has been often fraught - generating daily headlines. There has been infighting, leaks, investigations and a failure to pass any one landmark piece of legislation.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Loide Jorge @loidemusica
Immigration lawyer

Saba Ahmed @SabaRMC
President, Republican Muslim Coalition

Genie Nguyen @genienguyen
President, Voice of Vietnamese Americans  

Mayra Campos Segura @maedcace
Patient educator

Anthony Segura @anthonyabqnm
Pistol instructor

Sana Siddiqui @sana24siddiqui
Graduate student 

AJ Siddiqui 

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