US judge halts Trump's plan to punish sanctuary cities

Judge says US government cannot punish jurisdictions that do not cooperate with immigration authorities.


Ivanka Trump faces tough questions in Berlin

Taking part in women-focused summit, Ivanka Trump says she is still 'rather unfamiliar' with role of first daughter.

North Korea

Trump tells UN to prepare new North Korea sanctions

US president says Security Council must be prepared to impose new sanctions on Pyongyang.


Trump: Putin's best frenemy, part 2

Why were the Russian anti-missile systems silent during the US strikes on al-Shayrat airfield in Syria?

by Leonid Ragozin

The Listening Post

Giving the far right a voice

How did journalists not pre-empt the rise of the right and to what end should a platform be afforded to its leaders?

Inside Story

Can people power change the anti-science agenda?

Millions of people join scientists and activists calling on governments to respect and encourage science-based policies.

Science & Technology

Science supporters mass worldwide against 'attacks'

Global event aimed to promote an understanding of science and defend it from proposed government budget cuts.


Can we believe a word Trump says?

Scottie Nell Hughes, once called "the world's most loyal Trump supporter", defends his first 100 days.

US & Canada

American aid worker freed from Egypt jail meets Trump

Aya Hijazi, who spent nearly three years in an Egyptian prison, invited to the White House after returning to the US.


The rise of the black international

Who is behind the resurgence of conservatism in Europe and why is it not so scary?

by Roman Dobrokhotov

United States

Trump signs 'Buy American, Hire American' order

US president signs order tightening rules on companies bringing in highly skilled foreign workers.

United States

Trump targets visa programme for highly skilled workers

US president plans to sign executive order seeking changes to the H-1B visa programme that brings high-skilled workers.


America's addiction to war

War brings supposedly disparate parts of the US together to rally around the flag, yellow ribbons and even Donald Trump.

by Andrew Mitrovica

United States

Key Trump adviser meets Afghan officials in Kabul

McMaster discusses joint efforts to combat "terrorist groups", just days after US use of GBU-43 bomb in country's east.

The Listening Post

How the US media reacted to Trump's Syria attack

For the first time since his inauguration, the US media shifts tone of Trump's coverage after strike against Syria base.