Middle East

Oman accepts 10 Guantanamo Bay prisoners at US request

Transfer is part of a push by outgoing President Obama to shrink the prison's inmate population before leaving office.


The Steele affair and the British deep state

Concerned about Trump, the UK intelligence community has scrambled to defend Chris Steele and his questionable report.

by Alastair Sloan

Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Mexico

'What you say may cause deep damage that will last longer than a government's mandate or a financial year.'

United States

'He's a clown': Week of anti-Trump protests kicks off

US civil rights organisations rally against racism and in support of peace and public healthcare, among other causes.

Counting the Cost

Counting down to the Trump era

A look at what US trade policy will look like in the next four years based on the president-elect's claims thus far.

Donald Trump

Mexico: US border tax could trigger 'global recession'

Economy minister says Donald Trump's proposed border tax to pay for a wall is "a problem for the entire world".


The liberals embrace anti-Trump Trumpism

Liberals are increasingly adopting Trumpist rhetoric and strategies in their reaction to Donald Trump.

by Jeff Sparrow

United States

Trump's CIA and Pentagon picks take aim at Russia

Remarks at confirmation hearings are the latest by Donald Trump's cabinet picks moving away from pre-election rhetoric.

Inside Story

Will conflicts of interest drag down Donald Trump?

In first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump says he rejects claims of Russian campaign against him.

Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump: A letter from a Syrian refugee

'We started the revolution holding roses and hoping for support ... the roses turned into guns but the hope remains.'

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's cabinet picks: Who's who

A look at the people Donald Trump has nominated so far for his administration.

US & Canada

US Republicans take first step to scrap Obamacare

The resolution instructs committees of the House and Senate to draft repeal legislation by a target date of January 27.


'All fake': Trump blasts US intel for Russia dossier

US president-elect denounces reports that Russia obtained compromising personal and financial information about him.


Trump's secretary of state pick faces confirmation

Russia's alleged hacking of the US presidential election dominates Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing.


Anti-Semitism on the political right

Chemi Shalev and Hadas Gold discuss the troubling resurgence of anti-Semitism among the hard right.