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What more can be done to reduce police violence in the US?

The release of a video showing the killing of Tyre Nichols by police officers has provoked widespread outrage.

A roadside stop by police in Memphis resulted in a young Black American man losing his life after a brutal beating by officers.

Tyre Nichols’ name has now been added to a long list of victims killed by those entrusted with enforcing the law and protecting the public.

Condemnation was led by United States President Joe Biden.

It repeats widespread outrage over other incidents such as the killing of George Floyd by police nearly three years ago.

Why do such cases continue to reoccur? What can be done to stop them? And what role does racial diversity play in US law enforcement?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Debbie Hines – former assistant attorney general for Maryland

Zellie Imani – Black Lives Matter activist and co-founder of Black Liberation Collective

Alexis Hoag-Fordjour – co-director of Center for Criminal Justice at Brooklyn Law School