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Is it time to bury Marcos’ past in the Philippines?

‘Day of Rage’ protests in the Philippines after former dictator is laid to rest in cemetery for heroes.

He ruled the Philippines with an iron fist for 20 years before being overthrown in a ‘people power’ uprising.

Ferdinand Marcos died in exile 27 years ago, but the former president and dictator is continuing to cause controversy.

Many Filipinos are outraged by the secret burial of his body last week at the National Heroes’ Cemetery in Manila.

They say his last resting place is an insult to the thousands of Filipinos, who were tortured and killed during his corrupt dictatorship.

And they’re furious at the current President Rodrigo Duterte for keeping his election promise to the Marcos family.

Why do Filipinos remain divided over his legacy?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Renato Reyes – Secretary general of the leftist BAYAN alliance opposition group

Antonio Contreras – Professor of politics at De La Salle University in Manila

Richard Heydarian – Political analyst and Al Jazeera English columnist