Rwandan President Paul Kagame receives frequent praise for leading the country through an extended period of relative peace and prosperity after the country's brutal genocide in 1994.

The country has also experienced huge economic growth and much development, especially in Kigali. But Kagame's August re-election with 99 percent of the vote, the changes to the Constitution allowing him to potentially keep in power until 2034, and accusations of repression, have raised alarm that Rwanda may be sliding into dictatorship.

In recent years, international human rights groups and even allies like the United States have alleged harassment, abuse and arrest of Kagame's political opponents.

So, is Rwanda under Kagame a peaceful, democratic miracle or is it becoming a dictatorship?

In this week's Arena, we debate this with David Himbara, a former adviser to Paul Kagame and now a critic, who is also author of Kagame's Killing Fields; and Gatete Nyiringabo, a senior fellow at the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research, who also runs the popular blog and news site Gatete Views.

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Source: Al Jazeera