‘Just stop the war,’ al-Shifa doctor says on the situation in Gaza

‘I stay here to help our people’: A doctor in Gaza talks to Marc Lamont Hill about the health crisis in the enclave.

Half a year into Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, much of the enclave has been reduced to rubble, its largest hospital is inoperable and the number of casualties keeps mounting with nearly 34,000 people killed and more than 76,000 injured.

Al-Shifa Hospital has continuously been at the centre of hostilities. Israeli forces have raided it multiple times, and a two-week siege in March was the latest. The World Health Organization declared this month that the Gaza City hospital is now “an empty shell” and “completely non-functional”.

So what lies ahead, and how are Palestinians faring during this emergency?

In this UpFront web extra, Dr Abdelwahab Abu Warda, a former al-Shifa general surgeon now based at al-Ahli Hospital, talks to Marc Lamont Hill about the situation in Gaza.