Rede Globo isn't just dominant in Brazil, it's Latin America's biggest media network. As Brazil resumes its regular news service after the Rio Olympics, the question of suspended President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment is also due back on the media stream. 

However, with the circumstances under which Rousseff's "soft coup" was executed still under question, and Globo's coverage of the protests described as encouraging as opposed to merely factual, what is the media giant's real role in this scenario as well as in Brazil and the region as a whole?

We profile the media giant's history, politics and power to influence the national agenda. The Listening Post's Paolo Ganino reports.

Talking us through the story are: Paulo Henrique Amorim, journalist (formerly Globo); David Miranda, The Intercept; Silvio Caccia Bava, editor-in-chief, Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil; and Gregorio Duvivier, actor and writer.

Source: Al Jazeera