While the international news media has trained its lens on the war in Syria, another conflict is failing to get its share of the coverage - Yemen.

Both sides in this war have stocked up on all the media ammunition available - to fight the propaganda war.

Rebel forces took over state media to tell the story of heroic Houthi revolutionaries offering Yemenis national redemption.

This was countered by media outlets set up offshore, beaming in the story of an internationally recognised government trying to win back its rightful place.

But with the war now in its second year, at least 6,000 people killed and an unfolding humanitarian crisis, who is telling the real story - that of the Yemeni people caught in the crossfire?

Talking us through this story are:

Iona Craig, a journalist

Nawal Al Maghafi, a reporter and filmmaker

Ramzy Baroud, the former managing editor of Middle East Eye

Hussein Ibish, a senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute

Source: Al Jazeera