When Donald Trump announced he was running for the US presidency, the liberal website Huffington Post took an editorial decision that all coverage of his campaign would be posted in their entertainment section, because that's what they said the story was.

They love him [Trump] in the sense of the commercial value. He's easy to cover, he draws audiences, he makes their jobs extremely easy, he's always saying something outrageous, he's hugely entertaining at times. He's not really playing by the rules of mainstream politics and those are the rules of mainstream journalism.

Robert McChesney, a professor at the University of Illinois

For other news organisations however, it has been a different story with many outlets including CNN, CBS News and MSNBC hanging on his every word.

Having run a campaign full of controversial sound bites attacking minorities and the political elite, Trump has been getting the exposure he wants and the cable networks the ratings they crave.

Some polls are suggesting that Trump is the Republican frontrunner, which if true, is something he has managed to achieve without the help of Rupert Murdoch's Fox News - traditionally the Republican Party's biggest media cheerleader.

Talking us through the media's coverage of the Trump story and what is being missed among the hyperbole are: Robert McChesney, a professor at the University of Illinois; Angelo Carusone, the executive president at Media Matters for America; Kate Kenski, an associate professor at the University of Arizona; and David Sands, Politics and Policy editor at The Washington Times.

Source: Al Jazeera