Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras led his left-wing Syriza party to power in 2015, with promises that offered much hope to the Greek people.

But fixing a country facing it's gravest economic crisis in recent history proved to be a challenge.

Rather than end the austerity measures that he had campaigned against, Tsipras imposed more taxes.

Giving in to creditors' demands, Greece exited its final bailout last year and the economy is expected to expand.

But its unemployment rate is the highest in Europe, and people are struggling to make ends meet.

This has upset many voters, who say they're now in favour of the conservative New Democracy (ND) party.

Early results from Sunday's snap election showed the ND party was tipped to win.

So, will a new leadership emerge in Greece?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Dimitris Rapidis, political adviser to the Syriza Party

Vicky Pryce, chief economic adviser at the Centre for Economics and Business Research

Yannis Koutsomitis, European Affairs analyst

Source: Al Jazeera