Iran's leader to Europe: Fulfill demands or deal's dead

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issues demands to be met or Iran will re-start enriching uranium for nuclear programme.

Supreme leader: Europe must follow demands or deal's off

Skripal poisoning

Yulia Skripal: 'Assassination attempt turned my life upside down'

Daughter of ex Russian spy Sergei Skripal says their recovery from nerve agent attack has been 'slow and painful'.

Yulia Skripal: 'Assassination attempt turned my life upside down'


Italy nears populist government with PM pick's mandate

President Sergio Mattarella asks Giuseppe Conte to form what would be Italy's first populist government.

Italy nears populist government with mandate for PM pick Conte


Roma community outraged over Italy party leader's discrimination

Far-right leader routinely tweeted ethnic minority group are 'gypsy thieves' and that he will bulldoze their camps.


Belgian prosecutors admit Kurdish refugee child killed by police

Prosecutors initially denied two-year-old girl was shot while chasing a van carrying refugees.


French Muslim student in media storm over headscarf

Maryam Pougetoux was slammed by ministers who said the garment was 'shocking' and a manifestation of 'political Islam'.

French Muslim student in media storm over headscarf


When nation-states fail, moderate voices are silenced

The attack on Thessaloniki's mayor by angry youth is symptomatic of nation-state decay afflicting Greece and the region.

Iason Athanasiadis

by Iason Athanasiadis

Iason Athanasiadis


Italy's crumbling cliff-top town on brink of survival

Thousands of tourists flock to town as residents, politicians and artists seek UNESCO World Heritage protection status.

Civita di Bagnoregio: Race on to save 'dying town' of 12 people


Facebook's Zuckerberg grilled by EU Parliament over data scandal

Social network's boss met the European Parliament to explain how user data ended up in the hands of a consultancy.


Macron's biggest test: France's mighty unions

Emmanuel Macron, who plans to cut 120,000 public sector jobs, is on a collision course with France's trade unions.

Thousands of public workers protest against Macron's reforms


Italy's villages face economic crisis fuelled by austerity

Many doubt vow of populist parties in new coalition government to restore rights of working class Italians.


Putin critic quits as mayor over scrapping of elections

Yevgeny Roizman announces resignation, criticising the abolition of direct elections as a blow to democracy.

Yekaterinburg mayor resigns over scrapping of elections


The populism and dystopia of Italy's new government

The Five Star - League alliance has won the 'cultural war' in Italy.

Vito Laterza

by Vito Laterza

Vito Laterza

Counting the Cost

GDPR: How Europe's new Internet rules could change your life

New data protection laws in the European Union mean the Internet is about to change for millions of users.


UK government urged to get tough on suspect Russian money

The Foreign Affairs Committee report on Russian money in the UK calls on the government to close all loopholes and become less hospitable for suspect Russian money.