Retired general James Mattis was seen as a measure of calm and stability in a White House swirling with chaos and unpredictability.

Now, he has resigned as US Secretary of Defense after disagreements on foreign policy with the president.

His departure comes as Donald Trump ordered a withdrawal of American forces from Syria… and suggestions he'll pull thousands out of Afghanistan too.

In his resignation letter, Mattis said he believes in treating allies with respect.

Trump's announcement certainly took the friends of the United States by surprise…and left many wondering if it is a dependable ally.

So with Mattis gone, who will now try and control an unpredictable president?

Presenter: Imran Khan


David DesRoches - professor of Near East studies at National Defense University

Habib Wardak - founding member of Transparency Afghanistan and national security analyst 

Andreas Krieg - assistant professor at Defence Studies Department, King's College London

Source: Al Jazeera News