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Judge bars Trump from blocking Twitter users

President Trump cannot block users from viewing his profile on Twitter as it violates free speech rights, says court.

US court bars Donald Trump from blocking users on Twitter


Analysis: Iran aims to keep nuclear deal amid sanctions

Analysts say Tehran needs tangible guarantees from Europe to protect businesses from being hit by American sanctions.

Iran seen to hang on to nuclear deal amid US sanctions, threats

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What if Iran does not comply with US demands?

The US makes 12 sweeping demands of Iran and warns against 'the strongest sanctions in history'.


Trump's threats are empowering hardliners in Iran

Mike Pompeo's 12 demands from Iran are giving another excuse for Iranian hardliners to come after moderates.

Massoumeh Torfeh

by Massoumeh Torfeh

Massoumeh Torfeh

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S Korean president arrives in US amid fears for Kim-Trump summit

President Moon is hoping to convince President Trump to accept a compromise that will allow the summit to go forward as planned.

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Unfair Game: How Trump Won

Big data politics and how the American public was tricked into opening the doors of the White House to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

US to investigate 'FBI spying' on Trump campaign

Justice Department probe follows US president's call to check 'infiltration' allegedly ordered by Obama administration.

US to investigate 'FBI spying' on Trump campaign

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Pro-war pundits on US airwaves

What's behind the constant presence of former military and intelligence figures in the US news media?

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Who will join Washington's coalition against Tehran?

The US government is seeking a global coalition to counter what it calls Iran's 'destabilising activities'.


Trump should not listen to Bolton on North Korea

The Trump administration should not take John Bolton's advice to pursue the 'Libya model'. It simply won't work.

Michael Pembroke

by Michael Pembroke

Michael Pembroke

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One year into Mueller's Trump-Russia probe

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 22 people and companies in the past year and is showing no signs of stopping.

North Korea

Top US, S Korea envoys in emergency call over N Korea

Call followed Pyongyang's cancellation of ministerial talks with Seoul and threats to pull out of the Trump-Kim summit.

North Korea

Trump says 'we'll see' if North Korea summit happens

US president says Washington will insist North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons despite threat to pull out of summit.

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My week with Trump's top general in Afghanistan

Sue Turton returns to Afghanistan to shadow US General Nicholson as he pursues the Trump administration's new counter-insurgency strategy in the war-torn country.

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Afghanistan: The General

We meet John Nicholson, Trump's top general in Afghanistan, to find out if the conflict can ever be brought to an end.