Hamid Karzai on the US, ISIL and war crimes

We ask ex-President Karzai about calls for an ICC investigation and if more US troops in Afghanistan is a good idea.

War & Conflict

Karzai accuses US of collusion with ISIL in Afghanistan

Ex-Afghan president says group's presence used as excuse to drop the largest non-nuclear bomb on district in Nangarhar.


Was the Afghan government complicit in war crimes?

We ask Hamid Karzai about calls for an ICC Afghan war crimes investigation, and debate how to cover climate change.


TV news reader's courage leaves Afghans in awe

Parwiz Sapy went on air to read bulletin just moments after Tuesday's ISIL attack on Shamshad TV station in Kabul ended.

Shamshad TV news reader's courage leaves Afghans in awe


Former warlord Hekmatyar calls for peace in public speech

A former Afghan warlord has held a large political gathering in Kabul, six months after returning from exile.


ISIS claims deadly attack on Kabul TV station

It is being seen as an assault on media freedom in Afghanistan, which has faced an increased presence of ISIL fighters.


Fighters storm TV station in Afghanistan's Kabul

One killed as gunmen enter TV station in the Afghan capital after detonating explosives at gate.

Gunmen storm Shamshad TV in Afghanistan's Kabul

Human Rights

ICC prosecutor wants to probe war crimes in Afghanistan

Chief prosecutor says she believes criteria has been met to begin an investigation into alleged war crimes.

ICC prosecutor to seek Afghanistan war crimes probe


Deadly blast hits embassy district in Afghan capital

Police confirm the blast near many foreign embassies and government departments in the Wazir Akbar Khan area.

Deadly blast hits embassy district in Afghan capital

Inside Story

Will Pakistan bow to US pressure?

Top US diplomat Rex Tillerson is on first Islamabad visit as Washington considers boosting India's role in Afghanistan.


Death toll in week of Afghanistan attacks tops 250

Latest suicide bombing kills 15 army trainees in Kabul, the seventh major assault in the war-torn country since Tuesday.

Suicide bomb attack kills 15 army trainees in Kabul


Deadly attacks hit two mosques in Afghanistan

Shia mosque in Kabul and Sunni mosque in Ghor province targeted in separate incidents, claiming more than 60 lives.

Deadly attacks hit mosques in Kabul and Ghor

Inside Story

Is there a way forward in Afghanistan?

The latest wave of Taliban attacks calls into question both US strategy and the Afghan government's capabilities.