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Does the EU have a role in the Middle East?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made his first visit to the EU's headquarters in Brussels.


PLO member: US has ripped legal foundation of peace

PLO member denounces US VP after Palestinian president withdrew from scheduled meeting amid Jerusalem fury.

Hanan Ashrawi: US ripped legal foundation of peace

Sexual assault

Women demand probe into alleged Trump sexual assaults

Three women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault are calling on US Congress to investigate the president.

United States

Manhattan explosion 'an attempted terrorist attack'

Officials say one man is in custody and three people suffered minor injuries after an explosion in central Manhattan.


Trump Jerusalem move hinders US interests in the region

Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital will further isolate the US from the rest of the world.

Khalid Al-Jaber

by Khalid Al-Jaber
- Giorgio Cafiero

Khalid Al-Jaber

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Abbas snubs Pence over US Jerusalem move

Palestinian president will not meet Vice President Pence during his upcoming Middle East visit, PA official says.

Abbas snubs US Vice President Pence over Jerusalem move


Israeli crackdown brings protests in Jerusalem to standstill

Israeli authorities have carried out extensive ID checks and cracked down on any use of the Palestinian flag.


From Syria to Indonesia: Protests over Jerusalem spread

Anger about the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital is escalating, with protests in several major cities around the world.


Palestinian Christians: 'Jerusalem is for the three religions'

Palestinian Christians have expressed their frustration with Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


The spectacle of Palestine

For a change, rather than be seen as a photo op, Palestinians' anger and frustration should be understood and respected.

Yara Hawari

by Yara Hawari

Yara Hawari


How will US Jerusalem move affect Israel's far right?

Analysts fear Trump's rubber-stamping of the right's political goals will further radicalise both sides of the divide.

How will US Jerusalem move affect Israel's far right?


Protests in Lebanon over US decision on Jerusalem

Tear gas fired at protesters near US embassy north of Beirut during rally against US decision on Jerusalem's status.

Palestinians clash with police at US embassy in Lebanon


Do Black Lives Matter in the immigrant rights movement?

In the US, Black migrants are stuck in an ironic position of simultaneous hyper visibility and invisibility.

Jamila Osman

by Jamila Osman

Jamila Osman


Justice for all in the land of the free?

In the US criminal justice system, there is a fate far worse than being sentenced to death.

David A Love

by David A Love
- Vijay Das

David A Love

Native Americans

Native tribes sue Trump to protect sacred land

Native Americans launch fight to protect sacred sites after Trump reduced the size of protected cultural lands in Utah.

Native tribes sue Trump over Bears Ears Monument