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Finding closure for Japan’s wartime ‘comfort women’

Why does Japan’s history of sexual slavery continue to create division?

On Thursday, May 14 at 19:30 GMT:

How should Japan deal with its World War II-era legacy of “comfort women”? Some historians say up to 200,000 women were raped in Japanese military brothels from 1931-1945. Many were abducted, while others were lured with promises of factory work, only to be forced into sexual slavery. Now elderly survivors want an apology from a Japanese government critics accuse of whitewashing their history. 


In this episode, we speak with:

Phyllis Kim @PhyllisKimLA
Executive Director, Korean American Forum of California

Kanako Kimura 
Former member, Association for The Advancement of Unbiased History 


Yujiro Taniyama @YujiroTaniyama
Filmmaker, “Scottsboro Girls”

Laura Hein 
Professor of Japanese History, Northwestern University



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