The Listening Post

Genocide in Gaza: The context

In this special edition, we compile three interviews with experts and a journalist who discuss how the media helped enable genocide in the Gaza Strip.

After three months of destruction, displacement and the killing of Palestinians, we take a deep dive into the way the Gaza story has been covered.

Since the attacks on October 7, The Listening Post has interviewed a range of experts on the news coverage – what’s missing in it, and how it has helped enable the crimes being waged on Palestinians in Gaza.

In this special edition, we’ve compiled three interviews – with one journalist, one expert on human rights and another on digital rights. They talk us through the way the media – through their news coverage – have helped pave the way to a genocide.

Francesca Albanese – United Nations Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian Territories
Marwa Fatafta – MENA Policy and Advocacy Director, Access Now
Mariam Barghouti – Writer and journalist