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Impunity and indifference: Attacks on Palestinians increase

The killings of Palestinians are being documented as they happen – and yet the violence isn’t easing. Plus, reporting on the Middle East’s first World Cup.

Israel’s incoming government, elected six weeks ago, is shaping up as the most extreme in the country’s history – waging war on media workers, then trying to cover up its crimes.

But evidence of those crimes frequently ends up online thanks to citizen journalism and satellite imagery – and that is making an impact, often bigger abroad than at home.

Yara Hawari – Senior policy analyst, al-Shabaka
Diana Buttu – Human rights lawyer & former adviser to the PLO
Joshua Leifer – Contributing editor, Jewish Currents
Daniel Levy – President, US/Middle East Project

On our radar:

Just five months after fleeing Moscow and setting up shop in the Latvian capital, Riga, independent Russian broadcaster, TV Rain, or Dozhd, has had its broadcasting licence revoked, once again. Producer Meenakshi Ravi outlines the NATO country’s reasoning.

The Middle East’s first World Cup

Ever since Qatar won its bid to host the World Cup 12 years ago, football journalists have been reporting on issues that go well beyond the pitch. Producer Johanna Hoes reports, from Doha, on the news coverage of the World Cup and what the tournament’s legacy could be for Brand Qatar.

Abdullah al-Arian – Author, Football in the Middle East
Zahra Babar – Georgetown University in Qatar
Craig LaMay – Northwestern University in Qatar
Sam Cunningham – Chief football correspondent, The iPaper