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Will it be safe for Palestinians in Gaza to return and rebuild their homes?

The United Nations warns it could take 14 years to clear the rubble and unexploded bombs in Gaza.

Unprecedented levels of destruction. That is how the United Nations describes the state of Gaza since Israel’s war began in October.

No buildings have been spared from the Israeli attacks. Homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed.

The UN’s mine action agency says that after more than six months of devastating war, 37 million tonnes of debris now litter the Gaza Strip.

Clearing it will take more than a decade and will likely be slowed down by the unexploded bombs and ammunition scattered throughout Gaza.

For Palestinians living among the rubble in the densely populated territory, that makes for an even more dangerous environment.

Once the war is over, will it be safe for people to return and rebuild their homes?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Jonathon Guthrie – Director of operations at Norwegian People’s Aid

Federico Dessi – Middle East director at the NGO Humanity & Inclusion

Raja Khalidi – Director general of the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute