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What caused a Ukranian plane to crash in Tehran?

Iran rejects allegations it mistakenly shot the plane down but Ukraine and Western countries are pushing for evidence.

There have been claims, counter-claims and outright denials. The head of Iran’s Civil Aviation body insists the Ukrainian airliner that crashed near Tehran this week was not shot down by Iranian missiles.

But Canada says it has intelligence and evidence indicating the plane was downed by Iran.

Just four hours before the plane crashed killing all 176 on board, Iran had fired a volley of missiles towards Iraqi military bases hosting US troops.

US President Donald Trump says there is “no question” Tehran is involved. But many are questioning whether the US is partly responsible for raising tensions in the region.

Iran has dismissed allegations that it was involved as “psychological warfare” and has invited the US plane maker, Boeing, to join the investigation.

So, will the truth behind this crash be revealed?

And could that spill into wider political conflict?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


David Learmount – Consulting editor at Flightglobal and a former Royal Air Force pilot

Justin Bronk – Research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute

Jarrett Blanc – Former State Department official