Trump to host France's Macron for first state visit to US | News | Al Jazeera

Trump to host France's Macron for first state visit to US

The two men reportedly enjoy a strong rapport, but their relationship could be tested given differences over several foreign policy issues, including the Iran Nuclear Agreement.


    On French President Emmanuel Macron's first official state visit to the Trump White House, he will bring with him the French ministers of politics, economics, and cultural affairs.

    Macron is due to arrive in the US on Monday for talks with President Donald Trump, with the fate of the Iran nuclear deal front and centre.

    The US president has threatened to walk away from the 2015 deal. He could do that as soon as next month, when he has to recertify it for the US Congress.

    But the French leader says abandoning the agreement could lead to a North Korea-style standoff.

    Al Jazeera's White House correspondent Kimberly Halkett reports.


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