Asia Pacific

Sport helping heal wounded Korean relations

North and South Korea will hold a basketball competition next month, and an inter-Korean team will compete in some sports at the Asian Games in August.

The Listening Post

Trump, North Korea and the G7: Dissecting political theatrics

A look into how symbolism and imagery dictate views of political events and what obstacles this causes for journalists.

The Listening Post

Spectacle over substance: Trump, G7 and the Singapore summit

Trump's theatrics at the G7 summit and his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Plus, the fixers' role in journalism.

South Korea

Seoul: US forces in South Korea 'not subject' to talks

South Korean and Japanese officials react to Trump's decision, as analysts warn of weakened US alliance in the region.

US forces in South Korea 'not subject' to US-North Korea talks

Asia Pacific

Pompeo: N Korea denuclearisation must be 'quick'

US top diplomat pushes back at Pyongyang's claim that it would get concessions from Trump during 'step-by-step' process.

Pompeo: No sanctions relief for N Korea until denuclearisation

Asia Pacific

Trump: North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat

Trump says Singapore meeting was very interesting and that North Korea has great potential for the future.

Trump: North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat

Asia Pacific

White House video shows its vision of a prosperous North Korea

The video, shown in a press conference during the summit, shows an engaged, open North Korea, after following through on denuclearisation promises.

Human Rights

Zainichi: Being Korean in Japan

As North Korea agrees to denuclearisation, Koreans living in Japan hope for a more peaceful future.

Zainichi: Being Korean in Japan

United States

Trump-Kim summit generates momentum, hard diplomacy lies ahead

Reaching real peace will take years, US analysts say, as this goes well beyond just reducing military postures.

Trump-Kim summit generates momentum, hard diplomacy lies ahead


Kim Jong-un came out victorious from the summit

The Singapore summit has not done more than legitimise the North Korean regime.

Richard Javad Heydarian

by Richard Javad Heydarian

Richard Javad Heydarian

North Korea

North Korea highlights Trump concessions on war games

Korean Central News Agency also reports two leaders 'gladly accepted each other's invitation' for mutual visits.

N Korea media highlights Trump concessions on war games

Inside Story

Will the Singapore summit be the beginning of a new era?

US President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Tuesday.

North Korea

China, Iran and others react to Kim-Trump summit

Russia says it is ready to help implement a deal but Iran warns Pyongyang that the US will renege on deal.


The 'film trailer' Trump made for Kim

During meeting with N Korean leader, US president rolls out short film starring the two leaders in a cautionary tale.

'Two men, two leaders, one destiny': When Trump made Kim a video


Trump calls meeting 'honest, direct, productive': live

Live updates: North Korean leader and US president meet at landmark summit in Singapore.

Trump-Kim Singapore summit: All the latest updates