Asia Pacific

The road trip from North Korea's capital to the border

This week, the leaders of North and South Korea will meet for the first time in more than a decade.

Asia Pacific

The effect of sanctions on North Korea

North Korea says that domestic production has replaced products unavailable due to sanctions and Al Jazeera has found both full shelves and foreign products readily available.

Asia Pacific

N Koreans on Trump: 'Is he even a human?'

Talking to ordinary North Koreans about Trump and the US.

Inside Story

Is North Korea serious about peace?

Kim Jong-un announces the suspension of all missile tests, ahead of historic talks with South Korea and the US.

Asia Pacific

North Korea from up close: The self-reliance philosophy

Al Jazeera's diplomatic editor given access to Pyongyang, from where he reports on isolated nation's governing ideology.

North Korea

North Korea suspends nuclear and missile tests

Leader Kim Jong-un also announces the shutting down of nuclear test site, before next week's inter-Korean talks.

North Korea

CIA chief met North Korea's Kim Jong-un

Pompeo met the North Korean leader earlier this month to discuss possible direct talks between Trump and Kim.


North Korea is changing

I visited North Korea with an official delegation and here's what I saw and learned.

Richard Javad Heydarian

by Richard Javad Heydarian

Richard Javad Heydarian

Fault Lines

Fire and Fury: Trump's North Korea Crisis

Fault Lines examines what Donald Trump's impulsive leadership style could mean for North Korea, and the world.

Asia Pacific

Koreans on the border want North and South to reunite

Koreans stranded on the wrong side of the border after the war long to see their families again.

South Korea

Human-rights issues off the table at Korean summit

Critics and analysts urge President Moon to bring up violations and abductions in the upcoming summit.

North Korea's human rights issues not on the summit agenda

North Korea

Fighting North Korean 'propaganda' with 'news balloons'

In part six of series on North Korean defectors, Al Jazeera speaks to Lee Min-bok, head of North Korea Balloon Group.

How one North Korean defector sends 'true news' from the South

North Korea

Unification 'no matter what': South Koreans on a shared future

Three South Koreans share their thoughts on a potential reunification with North Korea.

In the Field

Hopes, fears, reality: The generation gap on Korean unification

South Koreans from different generations discuss their hopes and fears regarding reunification with North Korea.

North Korea

Kim attends concert by South Korean K-Pop stars

North Korea's leader makes an unexpected appearance, saying he wishes for another joint concert in the autumn in Seoul.