Macron's biggest test: France's mighty unions

Emmanuel Macron, who plans to cut 120,000 public sector jobs, is on a collision course with France's trade unions.

Thousands of public workers protest against Macron's reforms

Emmanuel Macron

Courageous reformer or president of the rich?

One year into his presidency, France's Emmanuel Marcon faces a challenge in strikes and protests countrywide.

Emmanuel Macron's first year

Emmanuel Macron

Strikes against economic reforms in France test Macron's resolve

Intermittent strikes in France against Emmanuel Macron's reforms pose the toughest test yet for the young president.

Strikes against economic reforms in France test Macron's resolve


New 'battle plan' to improve life in French banlieues

French government launches plan to tackle discrimination and deprivation faced by people in poor suburban areas.

US & Canada

Macron urges US to preserve Iran nuclear agreement

French president uses speech to joint session of Congress to defend 2015 deal and push back on 'America First' agenda.

Inside Story

Will the US withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal?

French President Emmanuel Macron is on a three-day state visit to Washington.


Why is Macron courting Trump?

President Macron addressed US Congress to describe the French-US "very special relationship" and call for greater cooperation.

United States

Macron makes case for new Iran deal after meeting Trump

After meeting Trump, a fierce 2015 deal critic, French leader advocates for agreement that will build on current pact.

Amid Trump's threats, Macron calls for new Iran nuclear deal


France's National Assembly approves tough immigration reform

Bill shortens asylum applications and introduces a one-year prison sentence for entering France illegally.

France's National Assembly approves tough immigration reform


Macron urges US to stand by Iran nuclear deal

Emmanuel Macron made the comments ahead of his visit to the US, during which he will meet with President Donald Trump.

French President Macron urges Trump to protect Iran nuclear deal

Emmanuel Macron

Macron plan prompts mass protests in France

French president promises to stand firm as public-sector staff and students rally against his labour overhaul effort.

Thousands protest against Macron reforms across France


Is France reinventing itself as a kingmaker in the Middle East?

President Emmanuel Macron is trying restore France's position as a 'power broker' in the Arab world, analysts say.

Is France reinventing itself as a kingmaker in the Middle East?


French parliament to debate 'tough' immigration reform

Disputed bill proposed by French government seeks to speed up asylum applications and expedite deportations.

Syria's War

France rules out 'confrontation' after US-led strikes

The aim of the strikes was 'destruction of the Syrian regime's chemical capabilities', according to French officials.

Syria's war: France rules out 'confrontation' with Russia

Saudi Arabia

France, Saudi Arabia agree to deals worth $18bn

French President Macron and Saudi's Mohammed bin Salman also agreed on the need to curb Iran's 'expansionism'.

Emmanuel Macron, Mohammed bin Salman agree to deals worth $18bn