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Building bridges between China and France

French President Emmanuel Macron is on a three-day visit with trade topping his China agenda.

Emmanuel Macron

Macron in Beijing: French president begins China state visit

French president, Emmanuel Macron, has begun his first State Visit to China.


Macron calls on Netanyahu to end settlement building

French President Emmanuel Macron says he disapproves of the decision by the US to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Iraqi VP 'baffled' by French demand to disband militia

Vice President Nouri al-Maliki blasts French president's comments that Iraq must dissolve powerful Hashd al-Shaabi.

Iraqi VP 'baffled' by French demand to disband militia

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Macron tours Africa to 'reset' Francafrique relationship

French president heads to Africa with the message that days of Paris' neocolonialist paternalistic approach are over.


Macron outlines plan for EU transformation

French leader calls Europe 'too weak, too slow, too inefficient' in speech unveiling proposals for post-Brexit shake-up.


French leader vows to rebuild hurricane-hit island

Aid effort under way on St Martin as President Macron promises return of all 'essential communication' within a week.


Thousands protest against Macron's labour reforms

France's biggest trade union organised about 4,000 strikes and protests aimed against president's labour law changes.


World leaders unite in condemnation of North Korea

Criticism of Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test is voiced around the world from South Korea and the US to China and Russia.

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Libya peace talks - Can they deliver?

France launches latest attempt to broker peace amid long-standing conflict between two main rival groups.

Middle East

France urges resumption of Israel-Palestine peace talks

President Macron says France is ready to apply diplomatic levers towards renewed negotiations, but gives no specifics.

France urges resumption of Israel-Palestine peace talks


Macron vows to lift France's state of emergency

In address to a rare joint session of parliament, newly elected president lays out political agenda amid boycott.

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Will 5,000 more troops protect the Sahel?

France and five African countries to deploy 5,000 more troops to confront the threat from armed groups.


Why Macron is wrong about Assad

Bashar al-Assad is the enemy of all humanity, not just Syrians.

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad

by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad


Macron's party set to win parliamentary vote in France

The new president's party is expected to hold a majority in parliament, as many French voters abstain from the poll.