The style of the United Kingdom's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is frequently compared with that of United States's President Donald Trump.

And now that Johnson has won a resounding victory in the UK's general election - US politicians are paying close attention to what happened.

And it is the Democrats who are mostly concerned.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden blames the left-wing platform of Johnson's main opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, for Labour's defeat.

And he's warning his party against moving too far to the left in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

He and others argue Britain's elections result should serve as a wake-up call for their party. But is this really true?

Presenter: Julie MacDonald


Lincoln Mitchell - Associate research scholar at Columbia University's Saltzman Institute

Thomas Gift - Political science lecturer at University College of London

Eric Ham - Political analyst and contributor to the Washington Diplomat newspaper

Source: Al Jazeera News