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World Heritage Sites: How are they selected?

UNESCO is considering 17 cultural and natural sites to add to its Heritage list.

In a huge setback for Liverpool, the United Nations’ cultural body UNESCO has stripped the English city of its World Heritage status.

The decision came after concerns about development in the city – particularly along Liverpool’s waterfront.

Being put on UNESCO’s World Heritage list often leads to huge financial rewards through investments and tourism.

But losing it could also have the opposite effect.

The Heritage list includes globally recognisable sites including Egypt’s pyramids and the Great wall of China.

UNESCO’s committee meeting in China this year is considering 17 other cultural and natural sites to add to its list.

But what criteria are they considering for this prestigious honour?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Trevor Skempton – member of the Merseyside Civic Society

Amr Al-Azm – professor of History and Anthropology at Shawnee State University

Michael Parkinson – honorary professor at the University of Liverpool and ambassador of the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place