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Why is Algeria angry at Emmanuel Macron?

The French president questioned the existence of ‘an Algeria nation’ before the colonial era.

France and Algeria have had a complicated relationship for decades.

Although French colonial rule ended in the 1960s – France has often been accused of interference in Algeria’s affairs.

And President Emmanuel Macron’s recent critical comments about Algeria’s politics and history are threatening to make things worse.

The Algerian government responded to the latest remarks by recalling its ambassador to France and banning the French military from its airspace.

French military aircraft fly through Algeria to reach troops helping the fight against armed groups in the Sahel.

Algeria says Macron’s comments are an “inadmissible interference” in its internal affairs and an “intolerable affront” to Algerians who died fighting French colonialism.

But what’s behind this?

And what does it tell us about France’s colonial past?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Bruno Tertrais – Deputy director of the Foundation for Strategic Research

Youcef Bouandel – Professor of political science and international relations at Qatar University

Adama Gaye – Journalist and author