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What is behind US decision to abandon UN Human Rights Council?

Washington pulls out of the UN Human Rights Council, calling it a ‘cesspool of political bias’.

The United States has announced it is leaving the UN Human Rights Council. It calls the 47-member body “hypocritical” and “self-serving”.

The decision follows months of threats by President Donald Trump.

The US has long had a conflicted relationship with the council and says it has to be reformed.

Trump has recently faced widespread, vociferous condemnation for his “zero tolerance” immigration policy that is separating children from their families at the US-Mexico border.

So, how will this decision impact the global fight to protect human rights?

And will this further isolate the US on the world stage?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Guillaume Charron – Geneva director of the global advisory group, Independent Diplomat

Rosa Freedman – professor of law and global development, University of Reading

Mohammed Cherkaoui – professor of conflict resolution at George Mason University