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Will UN’s Yemen war blacklist help protect children?

Saudi-led coalition and Houthis placed on draft UN blacklist over deaths of hundreds of children in conflict.

The Saudi-led coalition has again been placed on a draft United Nations blacklist. The coalition is accused of killing and maiming 683 children in Yemen last year, as well as accusations of attacking schools and hospitals.

But the annual draft report also notes that the Saudi-led coalition has put measures in place to protect children.

The report also blacklists the Houthi rebels, government forces and their militia allies.

The UN doesn’t punish nations on the list, but the hope is the “naming and shaming” forces them to do more to protect civilians.

The Saudi-led coalition was on the blacklist last year but was removed after Saudi pressure on the UN secretary-general.

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Hakim Al Masmari – Editor of the Yemen Post

Kate Kiver – Director of policy and advocacy at the Yemen Peace Project

Kristine Beckerle – Yemen researcher with Human Rights Watch