Yemen's Houthi rebels storm Al Jazeera office

Raid comes just hours after Doha-based media network airs documentary on looting of heavy weaponry by group.

Humanitarian crises

Time to reclaim our suffering

The exploitation of the suffering of people in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq needs to stop.

by Yasmeen El Khoudary


Yemen: Arab coalition to stop using UK cluster bombs

Announcement comes after British defence minister admits coalition used UK-supplied munitions during the 20-month war.


ISIL claims killings of 49 soldiers in Yemen's Aden

Suicide bombing struck soldiers waiting to collect their salaries in port city.

Middle East

Yemen's war wounded: 'I just want to go back to Yemen'

Civilians injured in air strikes are being treated free of charge in the neutral neighbouring country.


Saudi King challenges foreign 'menace' in Yemen

King Salman says his kingdom will not tolerate any external "interference" in war-torn neighbouring Yemen.


US limits support to Arab coalition's Yemen campaign

Concerns over civilian casualties halt planned weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, which heads alliance battling Houthis.


UNICEF: One child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen

At least 462,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition with 2.2m in need of urgent care, UNICEF says.


Scores killed in suicide attack in Yemen's Aden

More than 40 dead and 30 wounded in military base on port city's outskirts in bombing claimed by ISIL's local branch.

Humanitarian crises

UN launches record aid appeal of $22.2bn for 2017

Appeal comes as crises in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and South Sudan have compounded the UN's 2016 funding shortage.


Horn of Africa refugees flock to Yemen despite war

More than 100,000 people from Ethiopia and Somalia risked deadly boat journey into war-torn Yemen seeking better lives.

War & Conflict

Houthi rebels form new government in Yemen

Spokesperson for President Hadi says move shows disregard for Yemeni people and international community.


Twelve Yemeni civilians killed in coalition air strike

Pro-government forces accused of operating among civilians in bloody battle for Taiz and harassing medical staff.


Yemen conflict: Who controls what

More than two years after storming the capital, Sanaa, Houthi rebels have consolidated control over parts of Yemen.


Renewed clashes kill at least 19 in Yemen

Government troops and Houthi rebels suffer casualties in heavy fighting near Taiz and Midi a day after truce expires.