Israeli–Palestinian conflict

What did the UN apartheid report expose in reality?

As Israel moves towards confronting apartheid, the questions raised by the report will become impossible to avoid.

by Mark LeVine

Middle East

Palestinians honour UN official for apartheid report

Palestinian president hails UN official for 'courage' in publishing report accusing Israel of building apartheid state.


South Sudan 'keeps buying weapons amid famine'

South Sudan's government rejects UN report accusing it of buying weapons despite country descending into famine.


UN official resigns over Israel apartheid report

ESCWA leader Rima Khalaf says she resigns after UN leaders forced her to withdraw a report accusing Israel of apartheid.

Poverty & Development

UN sounds alarm over Trump's budget cuts to foreign aid

Spokesman says reduction of US contribution to UN could 'undermine the impact of longer-term reform efforts'.

Asia Pacific

UN: Myanmar 'may be trying to expel' all Rohingya

UN special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar calls for international probe into abuses against Rohingya Muslims.


Two United Nations workers kidnapped in DRC

Unidentified 'negative forces' took UN observers hostage along with four DRC nationals in Kasai region.

Humanitarian crises

Famine 'largest humanitarian crisis in history of UN'

UN humanitarian chief says 20 million people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria face starvation and famine.

Human Rights

UN plan to end 'scourge of sex abuse' by peacekeepers

New measures to put victims' rights and dignity first as well as end abusers' impunity, says UN chief.

Battle for Mosul

UN: Up to 450,000 IDPs expected in cramped Mosul camps

As fighting for western Mosul continues, at least 70,000 civilians remain trapped as supplies dwindle.


Hope for justice in Syria from an unlikely source

An independent mechanism established by the UNGA is working towards abolishing the reign of criminal impunity in Syria.

by David Tolbert


UN: 200,000 die each year from pesticide poisoning

Report says pesticides are having 'catastrophic impacts' on human health and environment while failing to end hunger.


Somalia crisis: 'People are dying. The world must act'

UN chief raises alarm during visit to drought-hit Somalia where half the population is battling hunger and disease.


UN chief: World must act to avert famine in Somalia

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres makes emergency visit as worsening drought leaves 6.2 million hungry.


UN: South Sudan blocking desperately needed aid

Government restricts UN peacekeepers and creates obstacles to aid, humanitarian chief says, charges officials dispute.