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What is the future of US-UN relations?

Is Washington's 'disappointment' with UN's nominee for Libya envoy a sign of a growing rift between the two sides?


'Back US or we'll take names': Trump's envoy at UN

US ambassador to UN vows to overhaul world body and warns she will be 'taking names' of countries opposing Washington.


UN accused of suppressing Middle East report

The UN denies it suppressed a report critical of the way Middle Eastern governments treat their citizens.


Islands of contention: Tiran and Sanafir

A tumultuous tale of two islands that span decades.


Palestine: Growing Recognition

Amid efforts to bring the issue back to the negotiating table, 137 UN member nations have recognised State of Palestine.


Cyprus talks stall over fate of Turkish troops

Greece urges Turkish troops to leave Cyprus, while Ankara insists full pull-out of its troops is "out of the question".


Cyprus deal 'close' but don't expect 'miracles': UN

UN chief hopes for a breakthrough but says major work remains on how to implement and guarantee a final settlement.


Israel's anti-UN steps could lead to 'isolation'

Israel is threatening to undertake punitive measures against the UN after it passed a resolution condemning settlements.


Israel halts $6m to UN to protest UNSC settlements vote

Announcement comes in reaction to recent UN vote condemning Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.


US House condemns UN resolution on Israeli settlements

Republicans accuse President Obama of turning his back on Israel by not using veto in UN Security Council vote.

Middle East

UN endorses Syria ceasefire amid violations

Security Council passes resolution supporting truce and planned peace talks despite signs of shakiness on the ground.


Departing UN chief Ban laments 'fires still burning'

South Korean diplomat bids farewell to his colleagues as he transfers stewardship to Antonio Guterres.


Iraq's strongmen 10 years after Saddam Hussein

Since the execution of the deposed leader, the country has witnessed the emergence of a number of powerful figures.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel's never-ending crimes: It's not just settlements

Israel has not just committed unspeakable acts of genocide but done so with absolute transparency.

by Stanley L Cohen

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What now for Israel after the UN vote?

Benjamin Netanyahu on the offensive after Security Council resolution calls immediate halt to all settlement activity.