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British Prime Minister Theresa May has just over a week to whip enough votes to push her Brexit agreement with the European Union through the British parliament. Parliament will vote on the deal on 11 December. However, she is faced with a number of roadblocks.

The prime minister is facing tough opposition at home from both critics and supporters of Brexit. Those who want to remain part of the EU say May’s deal is just a watered down version of the UK’s existing membership arrangement. While those who favour leaving the EU say the deal doesn’t deliver a clean break. Other people believe the economic costs of the deal will be disastrous.

Cries to put the deal up for referendum are growing. People on Twitter, including politicians and celebrities, are using the hashtag #PeoplesVote to voice their opinion on the Brexit agreement. Labour MP David Lammy tweeted that a referendum vote “would be the first time the public could choose between two tangible futures: the Brexit deal which you can read and remaining in the European Union which you have experienced”. May has balked at the idea of holding another vote saying the country has moved on from the leave vs remain argument.

This week, US President Donald Trump attacked the deal, claiming it could harm trade between the United Kingdom and the United States. "I think we have to take a look at, seriously, whether or not the UK is allowed to trade, because you know right now, if you look at the deal, they may not be able to trade with us," said Trump. May quickly denounced that idea, telling reporters, “As regards the United States, we’ve already been talking to them about the sort of agreement we could have with them in the future”.

On this episode of the Stream we ask our panel if May has enough political power to see the deal through? And if she fails what will happen to Brexit?   

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Simon Usherwood, @Usherwood
Deputy director, The UK in a Changing Europe

Gawain Towler, @GawainTowler
Former Brexit campaigner

Shaista Aziz, @ShaistaAziz

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